People sworn off vapes after discovering ‘disgusting’ way they are made

Some vape users have vowed they will never buy another disposable pen again after seeing how they get made.

A one-minute video uploaded to YouTube by user Ryan Horace showed how some cigarette substitues are put together in a factory.

The video shows everything from packaging and labelling to how the batteries are manufactured and how electrical testing is performed, as reported by LADbible.

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However, what stuck out most to viewers was that those handling the vapes were doing so without gloves, including touching the mouthpiece. This could be seen in several shots throughout the video.

Viewers took to the comments to express their disgust around the lack of hygiene.

Underneath the video, one person commented: “You are telling me that they are touching the tips of the vape without any gloves on?? Didn't they know that their hands release grease constantly soo imagine while working.

“Bruh I would not buy these lol I ain't looking to have a stranger's fingerprint on my vape tips when I buy it.”

Another added: “Well, that doesn't look very appetising, how they attach the mouthpieces without gloves, see 0:28. That was definitely the last one I bought after seeing that. (gag)”

Others have commented on the amount of plastic going into it, with one writing: “What a wasteful product.”

However, the award for the worst take of the whole comments section goes to one person who said: “I will stick to tobacco thx.”

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