People in Tel Aviv received free cannabis dropped by a drone

CANNABIS rains down on Tel Aviv, with people scrambling to gather up the drug after drones are used to drop hundreds of bags of marijuana on to the streets

  •  A group promoting legalising cannabis has dropped free drugs on Tel Aviv
  •  People rushed to scoop up the hundreds of dropped packets of drugs
  •  Two suspects have been arrested for dropping the drugs from the drone

People scrambled to grab free drugs as they rained from the Tel Aviv skies thanks to a group seeking to legalise cannabis.

The Green Drone group dropped hundreds of packets of cannabis onto the streets of the Israeli city.

The group, whose slogan is free love, used a drone to drop the marijuana yesterday over Rabin Square.

Confused people below soon rushed to collect up as many packets of the drug as they could.

 Before it dropped the weed Green Drone had published a hint of its plot on the messaging service Telegram.

The message on Telegram read: ‘It’s time my dear brothers. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the green drone, handing out free cannabis from the sky… Enjoy my beloved brothers, this is your pilot brother, making sure we all get some free love.’

A drone drops parcels of marijuana to people below in Tel Aviv

People rush to grab the free cannabis dropped from drones onto Rabin Square, in Israel

Green Drone also indicated that the operation formed part of its celebratory launching of a new delivery system dubbed Rain of Cannabis.

The Telegram message added: ‘We’re launching the ‘rain of cannabis’ project, that will include a weekly delivery to different parts of the country of 1 kilo of cannabis divided into free 2 gram bags.’

The Green Drone group dropped hundreds of packets of free cannabis to people on the streets of Israel

Some of the packets of cannabis dropped over Tel Aviv by the Green Drone group

Current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have also caused problems for distributing drugs, said the Green Drone team. 

The team’s statement said that the situation: ‘requires thinking outside the box and coming up with new ways of getting cannabis to consumers’ – which they said is what gave birth to the project in the first place. 

The police announced shortly after the incident that it had arrested two suspects in their 30s,who allegedly operated the drone dropping the cannabis.

The distribution of a substance suspected to be dangerous is illegal according to the police in Israel.

The arrested suspects are to be interrogated and then dealt with accordingly.

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