Patriotic properties decked out in England flag ahead of Scotland game

It’s coming home! Patriotic properties are decked out in England flags ahead of tonight’s clash as another fan gets a tattoo in honour of Three Lions – but spells it wrong

  • Patriotism is well and truly alive in England ahead of the country’s match against rivals Scotland this evening
  • Images show how far fans have taken their patriotism, with hundreds of flags and one even getting a tattoo 
  • England already has one foot in the round of 16 having beaten Croatia, while the Scottish team are in need of a result at Wembley this evening to progress beyond the group stage after a 2-0 defeat to the Czech Republic
  • Find out the latest Euro 2020 news including fixtures, live action and results here

People across England are making sure they are doing all they can to support their team ahead of its Euros clash with Scotland this evening from putting up hundreds of St George’s flags to more permeant tributes. 

One grandmother from Manchester has taken her patriotism one step further by covering her entire house in England flags to mark Euro 2020. 

Mary Fannon, 66, has a total of 41 St George’s flags and bunting on her home in Burnage, with some even decorating the roof in a tradition she has kept up for years to celebrate the big international football tournament. 

The grandmother of nine said the decorations are ‘a bit of fun’ for her grandchildren and other youngsters who pass by her house on Errwood Road. 

Mary Fannon’s home in Burnage, Manchester has an amazing 41 flags decorating the building from top to bottom 

‘We always do it for the Euros and the World Cup,’ Mary, who has lived in her home for 20 years, said. 

‘It’s only for the football and the kids love it. In fact, everyone around here loves it. We’ve never had any complaints. It’s just a bit of fun really.’ 

The display took grandchildren Alex, 22 and Lesley, 27, a full day to put up, with flags covering the gable wall, front wall and even the roof. 

Even the garden has gotten an England makeover. 

‘It’s down to the hard work of my grandsons really’, Mary added. ‘I got through three packs of drawing pins to put them all up.’ 

Mary Fannon, 66, even has flags on the roof of her home in Burnage on Ernwood Road to celebrate the tournament

There are flags all over the property from the roof to the gable and even some adoring the garden 

Residents of the Kirby Estate were spotted cooling off ahead of England’s game last weekend surrounded by flags 

The housing estate is covered in hundreds of flags, a tradition it has observed for major football tournaments since 2012 

A staunch Manchester United fan, Mary thinks England has good odds in the Euros. 

‘I think it will really spice things up a bit if we bring it home,’ she said.

‘It’d be belting for Manchester with Rashford on the team. He’s my favourite player, obviously, as a United fan.

‘I think the whole thing is what we need to brighten things up a bit.’

Mary’s incredible display is not the only one in England, as thousands have geared up to celebrate the return of the Euros following the cancellation of the games in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Chris Dowse, a resident of the Kirby estate, is just one of many who have taken to decorating their homes for the tournament 

The national flag can be spotted flying from resident’s balconies and decorating windows and street lights 

People play football beneath the hundreds of flags flying in style over the estate in London 

Landlady Jannette Buckley of the Navy Inn in Plymouth, Devon has even gotten involved with the celebrations 

The tradition to fly hundreds of flags all over the Kirby estate in London has been going since 2012

In one estate in Bermondsey, south London, residents have shown their patriotism in a similar way, covering the housing estate in hundreds of flags in a tradition that has been observed in the area since 2012. 

Elsewhere, one football fan has gone viral after sharing a video of himself getting tattooed with the England flag and lyrics from David Baddiel and Frank Skinner’s hit ‘The Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’. 

Unfortunately for Cian Finnis, he gets the wording wrong and it left with the well-known phrase ‘It’s coming home’ tattooed on his leg minus an apostrophe. 

The 20-year-old can be seen in the clip on Instagram showing the wording, the England flag and the year 2021 on his right thigh before taking a tattoo gun to himself and drawing over the image. 

Residents on the estate spent days putting up hundreds of flags ahead of England’s first game in the tournament 

Residents hung flags from wires reaching across buildings and used buntings to show their support for their home team 

Alison Hammond showed her support for England on Friday’s instalment of This Morning ahead of their game with Scotland

It’s not just St George’s flag that is up in the estate though, as others show their support for other teams in the tournament 

Hundreds of flags fly proudly over the estate in London with residents excited for the return of the highly-anticipated games

After cleaning the new tattoo, he proudly reveals the results to the camera and changes into a mint green England tops. 

The clip has racked up more than 1.2m views and amused viewers rushed to point out his error. 

‘Apostrophe!!!’ one person wrote. 

Another added: ‘Imagine giving yourself a while tattoo and forgetting the apostrophe. Doughnut.’    

The England team got off to a strong start with a 1-0 win over Croatia at Wembley last weekend, but some viewers of Cian’s video are doubtful that the team will bring home a trophy. 

‘Man who thinks England can win the Euros,’ one person wrote. ‘Clearly [has] no clue about football.’ 

Another added: ‘[Is it] coming home though, lol.’ 

Cian was at his home in London when he decided to give himself the tattoo ahead of England’s first game on Sunday. 

One fan took his devotion to his team to another level, deciding to tattoo the English flag onto his right leg 

Cian Finnis, 20, posted a video online of him tattooing himself with the design featuring the English flag

Residents in Torrington Avenue in Bristol have also taken it upon themselves to show their support for their team

Some people have taken their patriotism to the streets, showing their support for their home team 

Adam Chamberlain, the general manager of Big Tree pub in Sheffield, put up over 500 flags in preparation for the Euros 

‘I was with one of my best mates Leandro at my house having a proper laugh doing it,’ he said.  ‘I had just been working and then Leandro came round and I just started tattooing myself.

‘England in the euros inspired me as it’s a big thing and I just thought it would be funny to get ‘it’s coming home’ tattooed on my leg.

‘I’m a big football fan, supporting Arsenal and England all the way.’

Cian added that his friends and family found his new ink hilarious.   

‘I’ve had loads of comments saying how ‘stupid’ it is and ‘you’re going to regret it,’ he said. 

‘But I don’t care really, I know that it is gonna be on me forever if we win or lose but I just see it as it’s gonna be a funny memory to look back on with everyone.

‘I’m sure it’s coming home.’

England face old rivals Scotland this evening in Wembley Stadium. 

England already has one foot in the round of 16 having beaten Croatia, while the Scottish team are in need of a result to progress beyond the group stage after a 2-0 defeat to the Czech Republic. 

England is set to face the Czech Republic themselves next Tuesday (June 22) with kick off set for 20:00.   

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