Parents try to ‘tame’ rebellious daughter by dumping her on deserted island

Girl found dumped on desert Island as parents try to ‘tame’ her

A “rebellious” girl was left on a desert island off the coast of China with her parents in a bid to tame her. The youngster, from Chengdu in Sichuan province, was also accompanied by a survival expert who tried to share their skills.

The girl was considered rebellious by her parents who wanted her to learn better behaviour from the experience.

She was on the island, which reportedly has no electricity or running water, for barely two days before she flagged down a passing fishing boat while her parents weren’t looking.

They spotted the girl waving from the uninhabited island which is less than a mile from Rushan City and had not been visited for years, according to news website China Press.

The crew notified police in Weihai City, Shandong, who sailed over to the island in a small boat.

As the officers arrived, the girl rushed over, saying: “I really can’t take it anymore. He forced me to survive on a desert island.

“We only have water and compressed biscuits… Can you let me go ashore?”

The girl’s parents refused to leave the island at first, insisting their child-rearing method was having an impact.

Her father reportedly told the police that the family came prepared, with supplies and the support of the survival expert.

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He said his daughter, who had dropped out of school, had grown in confidence to the point where she could communicate with the fishermen and police whereas she had struggled to speak to people before.

But the police insisted they leave the island so the family boarded a small boat and sailed back to the mainland after their adventure, which was first reported in July 2021.

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