Parents call for primary teacher to be sacked after binning young pupil's work mid-lesson in front of them

A PRIMARY school teacher has been blasted after binning several student’s work in the middle of a lesson.

Year 3 teacher Miss Jennie Care wrote a grovelling apology letter to parents of pupils at Lumbertubs Primary School in Northampton after the incident.

Miss Care has been accused of angrily ripping up student’s work as well as behaving in an aggressive manner towards the 8-year-old.

The school confirmed that she had a meeting to discuss her behaviour, which resulted in a letter of apology.

Parents at the school are furious that the educator that she is still in post and are demanding that she is sacked.

They are also understood to have made an official complaint against the teacher, accusing her of emotionally abusing their children.

One angry parent told The Sun: “She makes our children feel miserable and scared about coming to school.

“We accept school is school and children need to be disciplined but our kids are honestly terrified of her.

“It’s not acceptable at all in this day and age and our children aren’t able to learn properly.

“The school just completely closed ranks with regards to her behaviour and it is appalling that she continues to teach there.

“She is not the kind of person you want teaching your children.

“Parents want her gone because none of the children are learning while they are there."

A copy of a complaint seen by The Sun claims that she “punished” a group of children for incorrect spellings by making them write a story during their breaktime.

She is then alleged to have grabbed the unfinished work away from the children before binning it in front of them.


In a letter sent to parents, Miss Care admitted: “My action of throwing away a piece of writing was a powerful way of teaching the class to consider the feelings of others.

“I do apologise for any upset that was caused. I do hope you can appreciate that sometimes teachers have to make a tough decision in order to make sure that behaviour in the classroom supports good learning, and so all children can feel safe in their interactions with each other.”

On its website Lumbertubs headmistress Ceri Cook describes the school as “a place where children feel safe within a happy and stimulating environment, in which each child is encouraged to enjoy learning and develop a lively and enquiring mind.

“We want our children to develop the ability to question and to discuss rationally, to apply themselves to tasks and skills and strive to reach their full potential in all aspects of school life.”

Following a discussion between this teacher and the school’s headteacher it was agreed that this had not been the appropriate way to handle the situation

Sarah Conant, Chief Executive Officer of Campfire Education Trust which runs Lumbertubs Primary School, said: “This situation happened in May 2021 during the height of the coronavirus pandemic when, as a result of lockdowns and disruption to education provision nationally, there were understandable challenges for teaching staff.

“The teacher concerned placed some children’s written work in the bin to demonstrate that it was wrong to disregard the importance of hard work.

“Following a discussion between this teacher and the school’s headteacher it was agreed that this had not been the appropriate way to handle the situation.

“As a result, the headteacher had a meeting with the parents of one of the affected children who also received a letter of apology from the teacher concerned.

“No official complaint was made regarding this incident at the time, and the parents told both the headteacher and the teacher concerned they were satisfied it had been dealt with appropriately.”

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