Parents blast residents' school run wheelie bin blockade as mum threatened with crowbar after picking up disabled son

PARENTS have slammed a school-run bin blockade by raging residents – as a mum was threatened with a crowbar after picking up her disabled son.

Livid locals fed up with parents parking on their road took matters into their own hands and built the wheelie-bin barricade.

Residents in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, got sick of their quiet cul-de-sac being used as a car park and staged a protest on Monday afternoon.

The homeowners of Halton Place said they had "had enough" of their driveways being blocked by parents.

But parents picking up their kids from Cleethorpes Academy insist "we are doing nothing wrong" and urged the bin protesters to "get a life".

According to Metro, the street leads onto an emergency access gate for the secondary school, which it repurposed it as an entrance due to the pandemic.


The school said they did so because of "Government restrictions regarding bubble groups and staggered start and finish times" and continue to use it due to the increasing number of students.

Just four parents arrived at the Halton Place exit to pick up their kids from Cleethorpes Academy this afternoon.

Three cars parked on the cul-de-sac for the school-run and no drives were blocked.

Two officers from Humberside Police arrive in a squad car to ensure the end of school passed without incident.

Dawn Kirk, 55, who picks up her 14-year-old son from the Halton Place exit because he has ADHD and learning disabilities, has been threatened with a crowbar by a resident upset about her parking.

She said: "I just want to pick my lad up and go home.

“We are doing nothing wrong. There are no yellow lines, I don’t block anybody’s drive and we are gone quietly and quickly.

“What a small group of protesting residents have done is not acceptable. They need to stop it and get a life.

“When I arrived on Monday and turned the corner to find the blockade of bins, I tried to explain my situation that I had to pick up my son, but they just said ‘not my problem’."

She dialled 101 to alert the police, who attended to calm the situation.

What a small group of protesting residents have done is not acceptable. They need to stop it and get a life

“I’m not breaking the law by picking up my son from school, so the police should not have to be involved,” added Dawn.

Other parents, who did not wish to be identified, said: "The small number of residents complaining about this have nothing to moan about.

"This gate has always been used and there are always six teachers on duty to make sure the children leave quickly and in an organised manner.”

The residents have not placed any roadblocks on the street since Monday.

One homeowner said: "I don’t agree with the protest. I’ve not seen any bad parking and the children are well behaved on the whole.”


One furious resident, who has lived on the street for 23 years, told Grimsby Live: "We understood that the emergency access gate for the school had to be used during the pandemic and it was to keep everyone safe.

"But now they want to use it permanently and we are just not having it.

"We get parents parking across our driveway. We have to organise our lives around school times.

"Try telling your GP that you can’t make it for a 9am appointment because you can’t get out. There are people who have lived here for over 30 years."

Another said they were angered by kids continuously riding bicycles along the pavement and said they were met with abuse when they tried to complain.

The wheelie-bin demonstration didn't go down well with some parents – who called the cops after pupils were delayed at the end of the school day.

"My lad has special needs and needs to be picked up from the same spot every day otherwise he has a breakdown. I don’t block anyone’s drive. It needs sorting," one parent said.

Humberside Police confirmed they attended to "reports of a small protest and highway disruption" on the road at 2.30pm on Monday.

The principal of Cleethorpes Academy, Janice Thorpes, explained she the school had been discussing with councillors to find a solution to the school pick-up stalemate.

However she made clear she will persist in allowing children to use the entrance because "safeguarding our students" takes precedence.

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