Pancake Day order after mum ‘f***ed up pancakes’ leaves Reddit users in stitches

Reddit users have been left in hysterics over a Pancake Day order which came with some very special instructions.

Pancake Day was celebrated across the UK yesterday (Tuesday, March 1) with people trying their best at creating the much-loved dish.

However, despite those efforts, some families were unsuccessful, resulting in having to order pancake takeaways.

One such order was posted on Reddit by user 'M1ghty_boy' who wrote: "Place I work at got this order… All I can do is hope the night was saved."

On the order's ticket, there was a special request asking for the delivery to "please hurry".

This was because "mummy f***ed up the pancakes and now we have a very sad 5 year old".

Fellow Reddit users were quick to comment about their own Pancake Day mishaps, with one writing: "Oh my god I felt this in the depths of my soul."

A second commented: "I know the feeling. Looking forward to a pancake, then f***ing it royally because you only make them once a year so are s**t at it!"

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A third said: "Yep I feel that, tried once, f***ed it and threw it in the bin in a mood."

Others however were not as sympathetic towards the poor mother, with one writing: "If you manage to ruin pancakes you should be shamed publicly. It's 3 ingredients. Combine, mix, fry."

Another user was distraught that they had forgotten it was Pancake Day and asked where they can "surrender their Britishness", with a fellow user replying: "Kneel at the entrance of Buckingham palace, the Queen will come to reclaim your Britishness for redistribution among the rest of us good, pancake loving subjects."

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