OnlyFans teacher claims she’s been refused billboard ad to promote racy content

A former US teacher turned OnlyFans model has claimed that she has been denied an advertising billboard in Indiana.

Sarah Juree had previously been sacked from a teaching job after a local blogger exposed her side hustle selling racy snaps on the website.

She had started using the site to help make ends meet as a single mum, and despite losing her teaching job has since said that the site has helped her reclaim control of her sexuality.

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However, Sarah has recently had a setback after she applied for a billboard advertising her page, which includes 'report card d**k ratings', but was turned down for the advert.

The mum-of-two has now claimed that the refusal is 'discriminatory' in a post to her Instagram page.

She said: "I was told I can't get a billboard for my business in Indiana. This is discriminatory!"

Messages between Sarah and a representative from a marketing agency revealed that they would not be able to put up a billboard for "this kind of advertisement".

Sarah has also used her newly-found platform to speak out for teachers who feel the need to start OnlyFans platforms to try and make ends meet.

She previously told the Daily Star: "Almost every teacher in America has a second side job or more. My former coworker worked as a bartender and she mentioned starting an Onlyfans page.

"My boss told us both to start a page and sell our panties on it days before I got fired.

"In California, parents of students are being asked to let teachers move in with them because teachers can not afford housing."

Others have also come out in support of teachers in the US who open up side hustles.

Writer Jessie Sage, tweeted: "Seeing story after story of teachers being fired after their Onlyfans accounts are discovered.

"There is an easy solution to this problem if you don’t want teachers slinging nudes: PAY THEM MORE.

"I’ve been a teacher and it is more than a FT job. Teachers aren’t on OF for funsies."


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