Oktoberfest in jeopardy as Putin cuts essential supplies to German breweries

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Breweries in Germany have had to stop beer production, threatening Oktoberfest with cancellation.

The world's most famous beer festival, which attracts around 6 million tourists annually, is now in jeopardy as breweries across Germany stop brewing the liquid gold.

The devastating blow comes as a result of Putin cutting off gas supplies to the West amid his ongoing war in Ukraine.

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Hanover is the first major European city to be affected by Mad Vlad's decision, with heating in public buildings and swimming pools getting the chop

Berlin has also started switching off spotlights lighting up its historic monuments and the Bavarian city of Augsburg has switched off its public fountains in a bid to save energy, with other cities expected to join in the effort soon.

And this wouldn't be the first time Oktoberfest had been cancelled, with the plug having been pulled on the world-famous event two years in a row thanks to the Covid pandemic.

Rosi Steinberger, a member of Bavaria’s regional parliament, also told the New York Times that the country's famous Christmas markets could also face the chop in a bid to save cash.

And while we've all felt the pinch as costs continue to rise in the UK, we aren't the only ones facing a crisis.

Belgium has reversed its nuclear phase-out in a bid to produce non-Russian energy, while its neighbour, the Netherlands, and Austria are switching to coal-fired power plants.

The international energy crisis skyrocketed earlier this week when Russian-state energy company Gazprom cut supplies of the essential resource by 20 percent.

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And Germany is really feeling the pinch, having bought 55 percent of its natural gas from Russia prior to the invasion of Ukraine.

Mayor of Hanover, Belit Onay, said the 'imminent gas shortage' means energy consumption in the Lower Saxony city has to be cut by 15 percent – so it's not just businesses who will feel the pinch, but consumers too.

German economy minister Robert Habeck said: "We can't say yet how much gas will cost in November, but the bitter news is it's definitely a few hundred euros per household."


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