NYC man, 26, STRIPPED by group of '12 thieves who stole his cell phone, pants, underwear and shoes,' cops say

A GROUP of 12 robbers in New York stripped a man of his clothes and cell phone in broad daylight on a downtown Manhattan street corner, police say.

The New York Police Department is looking for a group of 12 men and women who assaulted a man, 26, on Friday in the Lower East Side.

Video shows the robbers ganging up on the man and taking his cell phone, pants, underwear and shoes.

Before getting away in multiple vehichles, the group cut the man with an unknown sharp object.

The man is in stable condition at a nearby hospital after suffering from a number of lacerations to his head, body, and hands.

Horrific video shows the robbers kicking and punching the man while at the intersection of Canal and Allen Sts. in lower Manhattan.

One of the men even jumps up and slams his feet onto the victim.

While others continue kicking the man on the ground, another man stomps his feet into the victim.

Two men are seen trying to pull the group from the man, but could not do anything as the group continued pummelling the man.

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