Nurse leaves glowing review for eyeliner that ‘didn’t budge’ in car crash

A woman has left a funny, glowing review for an eyeliner pen that held firm in a car crash.

Shelby, a nurse from Boston, Massachusetts, says she spent eight hours in hospital after being hit by a ‘distracted driver’ last June.

The motorist was allegedly going 55mph and collided with Shelby’s car.

Shelby was okay, thankfully. That’s the important thing. Her mascara, however, was not. It ran down her cheeks.

The nurse’s Von D Tattoo Liner on the other hand? It held firm. And an amused shopper searching for eyeliner pens spotted Shelby’s review online.

Shelby appears to have shared a selfie from what appears to be the inside of an ambulance. She’s there in a neck brace, her immaculate eyeliner apparent for all to behold.

Florida student Lahari Manchikanti found the review funny and posted it on Twitter.

As well as five stars, Shelby wrote: "My mascara was running down my face from crying and all other products had been wiped off in the transfer to the hospital. But not my tattoo liner.

"I am posting a pick [sic] to show you, this product lasts and looks amazing through anything. Never buying any other liner again."

The reason Shelby thought to review eyeliner following a car crash is because she blogs on beauty and lifestyle. She saw an opportunity. Fair enough.

She cropped up on Twitter after Lahari’s original post went viral. It seems some people didn’t think reviewing eyeliner after a car accident is appropriate.

Shelby can do what she wants, of course. She wrote about the said collision on Instagram last year.

"On Wednesday June 28th I was parked on the side of a highway, with my hazards on, calling for roadside assistance because I ran out of gas," she said.

"While on the phone for help I was hit by a driver going 56pmh. I was treated in the ER for a cervical strain, closed head injury, knee contusion and forehead lacerations.

"I consider myself lucky to have walked away from the accident relatively unhurt and alive."

She also thanked the emergency response personnel who came to her aid.

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