Norway to vote on sending new Xmas tree to London as this year’s brutally mocked

The centrepiece of London's Christmas celebrations could be sent back to the country it came from – with a vote on its replacement set to take place imminently.

The large Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square has been branded “anaemic” and “flea ridden” by social media users, and was even luke-warmly welcomed by Westminster Council.

At the time of delivery, last week, a spokesman said: “I don’t know what people expect a 90-year-old 72ft tree to look like, but it is going to be different from a tree you have in your home.”

The tree is clearly missing several branches, and looks devoid of the vast majority of its greenery.

It was sent to the UK from Norway, which is an annual tradition.

But now Oslo council will vote on whether or not it will send a new tree to the UK, because of the outcry over the first one.

Norway has given Britain a spruce every year since 1947 as a thank you for its support in the Second World War.

Local Conservative councillor Anne Haabeth Rygg told ITV News London that she hoped it would be replaced with “a beautiful English tree”, and she told The Times that the tree “looks sad, and it shouldn't”.

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She added: “The Brits played an important part in helping us win the war and this is supposed to be a symbol of appreciation.”

Meanwhile, her counterpart, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the tree was “brilliant”.

The Mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen was positive about the criticism.

She said: “I am pleased that people are passionate – it is a sign that Londoners care about the present we have sent them.”

It is possible, as Norwegian journalist Gry Blekastad Almås said, that a lot of the branches and brush were “lost in transportation” due to the fact it makes the arduous journey every year by lorry and boat.

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