North Koreans finally told Kim Jong-un is in Singapore to meet Trump

Kim Jong-un’s favorite TV presenter reveals to North Koreans that their leader is in Singapore to meet Trump hours AFTER the security-obsessed dictator and his sister flew on separate jets to the summit

  • North Korean state news has announced that Kim is in Singapore to meet Trump
  • Ri Chun Hee made the announcement after Kim’s plane had already landed  
  • Citizens had been told of a summit, but not when or where it would take place 
  • Kim flew to the island nation aboard an Air China jet while his sister, Kim Yo Jong, traveled aboard Kim’s private jet with other delegation members

North Korean state media has finally announced to its own people that Kim Jong-un is in Singapore to meet with President Trump. 

Ri Chun Hee, North Korea’s best-known news anchor, made the announcement on Korean Central Television while newspaper Rodong Sinmun also covered the story on its front page.

Rodong ran images showing Kim disembarking the Air China jet he used to fly to the summit as well as him meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Ri Chun Hee, North Korea’s best-known anchor, delivered news of the summit taking place on Korean Central Television on Monday. North Koreans had previously been told that a summit would take place, but not when or where it would happen

North Korea’s state newspaper Rodong Sinmun announced that Kim is in Singapore to meet with President Trump on Monday

North Koreans were told two weeks ago that a summit between Kim and Trump would take place, but not when or where it would happen.

North Korea often keeps its people in the dark about important events until the last minute. In this case it may have down so to thwart a potential coup against Kim.

The dictator is known to be paranoid of attempts to topple him, replacing his top three military generals with ultra-loyalists shortly before the summit.

Kim also took an Air China jet to Singapore instead of his own private plane in order to provide an added layer of security.

The jet also changed route and call-sign mid-air, data from tracker Flightradar24 shows, in an apparent attempt to disguise who it was carrying.


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Kim’s private plane did travel to Singapore, but is believed to have carried sister Kim Yo Jong and other top-ranking members of the delegation. 

Kim traveling on a separate plane from his sister also adds another layer of security, North Korean researcher Christopher Green told NK News. 

‘The U.S. president and vice president don’t generally travel on the same plane,’ he said. ‘That is for reasons of security and continuity of government.’

‘North Korea has its own royal lineage – the Kim family – and so it is natural that Kim Yo Jong traveled to Singapore separately from her brother.’

South Korean media also claims there were fears that Kim’s Soviet-era plane might not survive the trip. 

Kim traveled to the summit on an Air China plane which switched call-sign and route mid-flight in order to protect the dictator, who is fearful of assassination attempts

The rest of Kim’s delegation arrived in Singapore on board the dictator’s private plane, having stopped off to refuel in China en-route

Kim Yo Jong, Kim’s sister, is believed to have been on board the private aircraft – traveling separately from her brother to provide an added layer of security

A diplomatic source in Seoul told newspaper Chosun Ilbo: ‘There was some trepidation about flying the 4,800 km distance aboard Kim Jong-un’s own aging plane, so a third country is expected to supply it.’

A North Korean cargo plan also flew to Singapore, likely carrying supplies an equipment for the delegation. 

Kim is scheduled to meet Trump at 9am local time on Tuesday in what will be the first ever meeting between leaders of America and North Korea. 

The pair will have one-on-one talks for around two hours before being joined by their aides for further negotiations.

Kim is currently scheduled to leave Singapore around 2pm on Tuesday with Trump departing on Wednesday morning.

The North Korean leader has reportedly already invited Trump for a second summit in Pyongyang in July provided the first round of talks go well.

The invitation was made in a hand-written letter that was delivered to Trump at the White House by North Korean emissary Kim Yong Chol, South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo reported.

A third summit could then take place in Washington in September.

Rodong said Kim is in Singapore to work on ‘establishing new DPRK-U.S. relations… building a durable peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean Peninsula…realizing the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and other issues of mutual concern.’

The newspaper said the summit marks the start of a ‘changed era’ for North Korea and the US.

Meanwhile Trump told Singapore’s Prime Minister that he is preparing for a ‘very interesting meeting’ with Kim and feels it is ‘going to work out very nicely’.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is in Singapore alongside Trump, tweeted that the US is committed to the ‘complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.’ 

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