North Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s weight loss result of AI health ‘super-reset’

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North Korea leader Kim Jong-un slimmed down using artificial intelligence technology to "super-reset" his troublesome size, reports suggest.

The Pyongyang tyrant has shrunk from an estimated 308lbs (139kg) to just 264lbs (119kg) since the start of the year as food shortages grip the east Asian country.

Kim, 37, has struggled with his weight for many years – but 2021 appears to have been a turning point for the famously chubby world leader.

Yet in North Korea, citizens are strictly banned from discussing their Supreme Leader's health – they could face jail sentences if they're caught speculating about Kim's narrowing waist.

Luckily, foreign media isn't subject to such restrictions.

And reports suggest Kim has benefited from an outside-the-box health treatment available to very few people in the world.

North Korean health experts and scientists have used AI to track Kim's eating habits and appearance.

A session at the Pyongyang parliament yesterday saw the technology used to 'reset' the leader's health revealed.

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The country's spy organisation the National Intelligence Service reported Kim is in good shape and has slimmed down in order to show solidarity with his suffering people.

They explained super-resolution video of the leader and mysterious AI techniques were used to give him state-of-the-art diet advice and "super-reset" his health.

As Kim has appeared increasingly thin this year, speculation has raged abroad about the possibility of body doubles, deep fakes and more.

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Yet – at least according to the country's own spies – the explanation is much more boring.

Exactly what the AI tech involves still isn't clear, nor whether Brits will see such treatments available in Boots anytime soon.

Still, we shouldn't take Pyongyang's word for it. The country is still yet to confirm a single case of Covid.

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