‘No chance! ‘ Britons FURIOUS as Macron sets date to take control of EU and ban English

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France will take over the Presidency of the EU from January 2022 and Mr Macron will give a speech in December where he will outline his goals. According to reports, one of his goals will be to establish French as the primary language of the bloc. Commenting on the original story from Express.co.uk, Britons lashed out at the attempt to replace English.

One reader said: “Internationally, the English Language is used, in the air, sea, and in Trade & Commerce.

“Macron has no chance of changing the situation.

“Also, for most people living and working in Europe, their second language is English.”

A second said: “He can respond in any language he wishes.

“All the EU’s legal documents and treaties will still be in English, so he’ll have to get his translator to translate everything he says into English for him.”

A third said: “The whole world laughs at Macron.”

Another said: “And so the toddler Macron finally loses it completely.”

According to Politico, Mr Macron will offer money for French classes for EU civil servants.

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He will also attempt to conduct the entirety of the presidency in French.

He may even only respond to letters arriving from the EU Commission only if written in French.

One French diplomat said: “Even if we admit that English is a working language and it is commonly practised, the basis to express oneself in French remains fully in place in the EU institutions.

“We must enrich it, and make it live again so that the French language truly regains ground, and above that, the taste and pride of multilingualism.

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“There will be more visibility with the French presidency, so we will intensify our work.”

Following the UK’s exit, officials have increased the pressure on the EU to France as the main language of the bloc.

EU minister Clement Beaune claimed the bloc must attempt to stop speaking a “type of broken English”.

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He also claimed EU officials had got into the habit of working and holding discussions exclusively in English.

He said: “It will be harder for people to understand, after Brexit, that we all stick to a type of broken English.

“Let’s get used to speaking our languages again!”

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