Nicola Bulley could have ‘walked away to move on with her life’ claims ex-cop

A former detective reckons Nicola Bulley could have simply “walked away” and moved on with her life.

She hasn't been seen since she was out walking her dog Willow in St Michael's on Wyre in Lancashire on Friday, January 27.

His claims come following outcry at Lancashire Police’s decision to announce that the mum of two had been suffering from alcohol issues relating to menopause.

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Now TV star and investigative reporter Mark Williams Thomas, who has been looking into the case, claimed that she could still be alive, reports the Mirror.

"If Nicola returned on the path she came on there's no CCTV," he said.

"When police say they don't believe she left the area there's no certainty in that.

"She could have left on the same route she came on – I've walked the route and she could easily have disappeared up there without being seen by anybody."

He also didn’t seem convinced that Nicola could have been in the River Wyre.

"That is where the major problem is," he added.

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"Her body would have had to go round two bends in the river and an area in the middle of the river with undergrowth.

"And also it would have had to get over the weir and then across rocks and round a bend of 90 degrees.

"Had she got passed the weir chances are the tides would have brought the body back.

"I think she left this area in one way or another.

"She either left the area further downstream in the water – not at the bench but further downstream where the river is tidal.

"Or she is still in this area having moved away to move on with life.

"I rule out third-party involvement.

"Whatever happened in Nicola's life there are people out there who can help.”

He added: "She's gone somewhere – she hasn't simply vanished.

"Is she in the water in which case her body will turn up somewhere.

"Is she on land somewhere and hopefully people will find her if that's the case.

"And of course if she's moved on to get on with her life then she'll have contact with people."

Lancashire Police has now referred itself to the IOPC over its contact with Ms Bulley 17 days before her disappearance when cops visited her over concerns for her welfare.

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