New ears and noses will be '3D printed' using patients’ cloned cells as part of pioneering UK project

NEW ears and noses will be “3D printed” using patients’ cloned cells.

Researchers believe the UK project will give hope to millions worldwide.

People with severe burns, injuries or facial deformities caused by illness may be helped.

Currently, the parts have to be rebuilt with skin grafts and cartilage from other parts of the patient’s body.

Prof Iain Whitaker, a plastic surgery specialist at Swansea University Medical School, said: “This will transform the future of surgery, avoiding pain and scarring.”

Falklands War hero Simon Weston backs the programme funded by the Scar Free Foundation, which won a Sun Military Award for innovation last year.

Simon, 59suffered severe burns.

He said: “The capability to rebuild my ears didn’t exist back then — I literally had to watch them fall off.

“My nose was rebuilt from skin from my backside, because that was the most hairless part of my body!

“It’s fantastic that this research is taking place.”

It is also funded by Health and Care Research Wales.

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