Nearly 60,000 fentanyl pills, other drugs seized in Adams County bust

The North Metro Drug Task Force seized nearly 60,000 counterfeit fentanyl M-30 pills, five pounds of methamphetamine and several pounds of cocaine and heroin on April 4, the Adam County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday.

The task force worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Colorado State Patrol to seize the drugs, as well as arrest several suspects who face various criminal charges, the sheriff’s office said.

Sheriff’s officials did not detail how many people had been arrested and what specific charges they face.

The DEA characterizes counterfeit pills as medications that have different ingredients — more, less or none — than the actual medication they’re designed to look like.

“Counterfeit pills may contain lethal amounts of fentanyl or methamphetamine and are extremely dangerous because they often appear identical to legitimate prescription pills, and the user is likely unaware of how lethal they can be,” DEA officials write.

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