Mystery scarves, toques at McBurney Park help keep Kingstonians in need warm this winter

Here’s a heartwarming story of a group that’s helping to keep Kingstonians warm this winter.

At first, the question of who was leaving behind free scarves and toques at McBurney Park was a mystery. That mystery, however, has been solved.

Anyone using or driving by the park may have noticed something on the fence that circles the wading pool. Queen’s University student Ashley Neves was walking her dogs last Friday when she noticed the plastic bags with either a knitted scarf or a toque inside.

“They’re doing it out of the kindness of their heart I guess,” Neves said. “Maybe around the area they assume there are people in need.

“There’s no indication that they’ve left a name and funny enough, they say, ‘I’m not lost,’ so people know that they can take them is they need it.”

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