My son was left with gaping 'gunshot' wound after false widow spider bite 'popped & gushed gunk' so he couldn't walk

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy was left with a "gunshot" wound after a false widow spider bit him – with the wound popping and gushing "gunk" in front of his horrified mother.

The wound was so painful Blaine Williams struggled to walk after being bitten on his leg while out on a ride on his pit bike through long grass in August.

And mum Amanda Williams said she was horrified to watch the "pin-prick"-sized bite grow bigger and bigger on his left leg before it exploded with a mass of "gunk".

Amanda, of Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, said: "It looked like a gunshot wound, like someone had literally shot him in the leg with one single bullet.

"As a mother it was horrible and disgusting to see his leg from one day just to have a little pin prick to sort of spread so quickly and just be so angry."

Photos captured by Amanda show the 'throbbing' red bite on Blaine's leg that a week later began oozing with red fluid from a 'great big hole' of exposed flesh on his leg – leaving him unable to walk.

Amanda said "We had to return to the hospital because it wasn't healing and I was getting quite concerned. The hole was still gaping open."

The mum-of-two claims she's had six hospital trips as a result of the 'angry' bite and was even warned Blaine may need to have surgery but over the past few weeks he's finally on the mend.

Doctors told Amanda it was a spider bite, suggesting it was likely to have been a false widow.

And she said her son was left wary of getting bitten again – refusing to wear shorts on bike rides after the horror experience. 

Amanda said: "He was out playing in the field on his bike and suddenly came back and said 'mum, I've been bitten by something' and it was just like a very small bite, nothing major. He said it was really stinging.

"About a day after the bite things started to get a bit worse, his leg swelled and he couldn't walk, and it just spread from there really.

"It slowly got bigger and bigger until it eventually popped and all this gunk fell out of it.

"But the hole was massive and wasn't healing because there was still sort of something in there that was eating the flesh. It was very deep and swollen.

"When I had to change it and take the plasters off naturally it would bring all the gunk out of his legs when you're trying to peel it off."

The concerned mum eventually visited a specialist hospital for Blaine to have surgery but was then advised to carry on treating the wound with special plasters to 'drain out whatever was in there'.

It looked like a gunshot wound, like someone had literally shot him in the leg with one single bullet.

Amanda said her 14-year-old's bite is now healing and he's 'back to himself' but she still has to change his bandages every three days.

Amanda said: "It was very nasty. He had a rough old time with it.

"He absolutely hated it because he still had to go to school and it hurt loads at school. Then he was having time off to go back to the hospital and have it redressed and looked at again.

"He just felt really sick, his legs swelled and he couldn't really walk on it properly. He had pressure on it everywhere he went. It was throbbing.

"He was in quite a lot of pain and had to elevate his leg a lot. He couldn't really do his sports or what he wanted to do, he had to stay in.

"I wanted people to be aware of what is actually out there and what has happened to my son. Don't leave it, get it dealt with as soon as possible."

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