Music teacher, 26, dobbed in by husband after steamy romps with female student

A female music teacher accused of having sex with a student was reported by her own husband.

Olivia Lois Ortz, 26, from Hermitage in Pennsylvania, US, has been arrested on suspicion of two counts of intercourse with a 17-year-old girl.

Shockingly the Wilmington Area High School music teacher joined the department as a replacement for another school staff member also facing sex charges.

New Wilmington Borough Police has charged Ortz with two counts of intercourse/sexual contact with a school student, unlawful contact with a minor for sexual offences and criminal use of a communication facility, reports the New Castle News.

The paper said Borough police Chief Carmen Piccirillo, who conducted the investigation against Ortz, said she surrendered herself at the advice of her attorney.

She was arraigned by District Judge Rick Russo, who committed her to the Lawrence County jail on a $150,000 (£120,933) bond, which she paid up.

Ortz’s husband, Cody Ortz, directed the same school’s musical this year, but is not employed by the district.

It is said it was him who alerted school officials when he returned home from a Florida trip to learn of his wife’s reported relationship with the teenage girl, according to a criminal complaint.

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Cody Ortz reported initially he found correspondence between his wife and the girl on an iPad. The school district and Mr Ortz reported the matter to Childline, which in turn alerted the police, according to legal documents.

An investigation has found more than 100 messages were exchanged over Spotify between Ortz and the girl.

Ortz and the girl had established a code word to warn each other in case something went wrong or “something bad” happened with either of them, the complaint states.

The girl has allegedly told police that she visited Ortz’s home several times when her husband was not home, had stayed overnight from April 7 to 9 when they had sex.

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The girl said she and the teacher were in love.

In the other case involving staff at the same school, Jonathan Priano, 37, the former band and music teacher at Wilmington High, is accused of misconduct with various students.

The paper said allegations are that he had an affinity for tickling the feet of his female students and having close, personal relationships with them. He has since resigned.

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