Mum finds furious note from neighbour who is ‘sick of’ her autistic son’s noise

One mum didn’t get the start to the year that she had hoped for, as she opened her mailbox today to discover an unkind note from her neighbours.

Ana Gray, a 28-year-old single mum from Napier, New Zealand, checked her letterbox the day after New Year’s Day to find a furious note from her neighbour complaining about how much noise her son makes.

"If you don’t stop that kid yelling I will ring child support and report you. We all getting sick of the yelling and also ring your landlord," the note said.

Ana’s seven-year-old son, Wiremu, was diagnosed with autism and Global Development Delay (GDD) five years ago.

The mum told the New Zealand Herald that the note was unsigned, so she’s not sure who it’s from, but she apologised in a Facebook post in case they see it – in the hope of more understanding.

Her landlord has known about her son’s diagnosis and never had any complaints until now.

Speaking to the publication, she said: "I would have preferred being spoken to face to face so I can explain our situation. It is very hard for me doing this on my own."

Ana, who has three other children, said "he has become more difficult to handle… There’s nothing I can do about it right now."

The mum is hoping her situation will improve soon, and said that Wiremu is on the list to see a paediatrician who may be able to help, now that her son is getting older and she is finding it more of a "challenge".

"I understand why my neighbours would complain, he is very loud and has his random outbursts almost every day," the mum added.

Because of Wiremu’s outbursts, Ana said that the family spend a lot of time at home as taking him places is tricky because "he yells all the time".

At the moment, she keeps him calm by letting him play on his favourite game, Minecraft, on her phone.

She added: "I love my son to pieces. He may not be perfect to others but he is perfect to me."

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