Monkeys forced to fight each other in zoo boxing match to entertain the public

A zoo in Cambodia is at the centre of animal abuse concerns after Orangutans were pictured fighting each other in a boxing ring, a local media outlet has claimed.

The zoo, in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, has been accused of animal abuse, local newspaper the Khmer Times has claimed.

Crocodiles have their mouths taped shut and animals are forced to wear fancy dress, as well as sick shows to entertain zoo visitors.

Orangutans are forced into a boxing ring and boxing gloves are put on their hands, the paper reports.

The animals are then reportedly expected to fight each other in front of a crowd, before a winner is announced and congratulated.

Other Orangutans are allegedly trained to ride a bicycle, hula-hoop and even stand on a stage and pull their pants down in front of a crowd.

A reporter for the Khmer Times claims a macaque monkey was dressed in a gown and made to stand at the side, where visitors can pay for a photo in exchange for a fee.

The newspaper also reports alleged abuse during other animal shows, including crocodiles being pulled out of the water by their tails.

Crocodiles are also allegedly climbed over by their handlers who then force their mouths open, as well as kick and hit them.

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Smaller crocs are allegedly used as props for visitors to have photos taken with, and reportedly have their mouths taped shut so they do not bite anyone.

Khmer Times, who sent journalists to the zoo to check out its conditions, also claims water for the animals is filthy and covered in moss.

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The article also claims elephants in the zoo are forced to perform and carry visitors on concrete-floored areas, which is contrary to regulations.

Tigers at the zoo are also allegedly used to entertain guests, with the Khmer Times claiming the animals are made to jump through hoops of fire and stand on their back legs.

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Various visitors have also accused the zoo of abuse on TripAdvisor, one user wrote: "I regret visiting Phnom Penh Safari, but it did open my eyes to the animal cruelty that people do for the sake of tourism money.

"When I visited the elephants, I saw deep wounds on the top and sides of their head. I also witnessed their caretakers using bullhooks to hurt them into obedience, and the elephants were repeatedly stabbed to perform for tourists.

"I just looked on in horror.

"This was the same for their tigers, orangutans, and crocodile shows. Please don’t support this kind of tourism! I, for one, want to teach my children more compassion."

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