Moment cop sets man on fire with Taser after he doused himself in hand sanitiser

A horrifying video shows a man's last moments before he was set on fire when a cop fired a Taser at him after he covered himself in hand sanitiser at a police station.

Jason Jones, 29, is seen on CCTV appearing to remove his shoes and shirt while talking with police officers at Catskill Police Department in New York.

He seems agitated but it is not possible to hear what is being said because there is no audio in the recording.

Jason then empties a bottle of flammable hand sanitiser over his head and moves out of view of the camera while a police officer points a Taser and zaps him.

The police officer and two other cops then appear to rush towards Jason, then flee when he appears back in the shot covered in flames and writhing in pain on the floor.

He rolls around and swats at the flames with his bare hands while two of the police officers run out of the room and shut the door behind them while another cop hides behind a wall.

Jason manages to put out the fire himself and he is later seen being wheeled away on a gurney in the footage from October 30.

The video of Jason on fire was released as part of an ongoing investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James but Daily Star has decided it is too disturbing to publish in full.

A press release accompanying the video stated: "The release of this footage is not an expression of any opinion as to the guilt or innocence of any party in a criminal matter or any opinion as to how or whether any individual may be charged with a crime."

Jason spent six weeks in the burn unit of the Upstate Medical University Hospital in Syracuse and died on December 15.

Catskill police department's use-of-policy states officers must take "environmental conditions" into account before using anything "more than a firm grip".

Law enforcement is also trained not to use a Taser on anyone who is wet or standing in water.

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