Minor rainstorm pelts the Central Okanagan

Heavy rain across the Central Okanagan on Tuesday morning caused minor flooding issues.

One person sent Global News video of noticeable water along Spall Road and Enterprise Court in Kelowna.

Not far from there, storm drains backed up in an underground parking lot at Burtch Road and Lawrence Avenue.

One resident, who had been living in the building for 14 years, said she’d never seen such heavy rain before in her 25 years in Kelowna.

“We’ve seen some rain come down,” said Sue Weldon. “But never something like this.”

Weldon said those backed-up storm drains “were all over the place in the parkade,” adding that “a lot of stuff came up” and that “there was a river running down Burtch Road.”

At least two area beaches were affected by flooding — Willow Beach and Rotary Park in West Kelowna.

The City of West Kelowna said it had eight simultaneous flooding situations when the storm cell began dumping buckets of rain, inundating the area.

The sudden rainstorm on Tuesday morning caused minor damage to Willow Beach in West Kelowna.

Specifically, the city said two areas of Gellatly Road were impacted.

The first was due to a Smith Creek culvert getting jammed with debris, resulting in water flowing over Gellatly Road, across Boucherie Road and running into Rotary Park.

The second was Willow Beach, with water cascading down Angus Drive and overwhelming the catch basins. The city said there was some damage to Willow Beach but that crews are repairing it.


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