Millions watch hydraulic press crush objects to ‘de-stress’

Under pressure? Millions watch a hydraulic press crushing daily objects into smithereens as ‘a way to de-stress’

  • Such demolition videos are said to be ‘relaxing’ and ‘satisfying’, even ‘liberating’  
  • ‘We just want to break stuff’, says Taiwan company that makes such videos
  • Objects such as cakes, soap and a Nokia phone have gone under the machine

Yoga, music, books or a stroll at the park are no longer as effective when it comes to de-stressing.

Watching vandalising videos of a hydraulic press crushing random objects is one of the latest activities to captivate the attention of the online audience.

Hydraulic Press Channel is one of the first channels to devote to these destructive videos on YouTube, putting everything from bananas to bowling balls to rubik’s cubes under the machine.

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A Nokia cell phone being crushed under a hydraulic press. Such videos are trending lately.

The channel gathered more than 1.8 million subscribers, with each video racking up around one million views. 

Riding on the popularity of such videos in Europe and the United States, a Taiwan-based media company has been creating three to four short hydraulic press videos every week on Facebook.

‘Online viewers seem to have a fascination with things getting squeezed, smashed and shattered,’ a spokesperson of OMGooseTW told MailOnline.

Before: A bar of mango-shaped soap going under the hydraulic press in an OMGoose video

The crushed bar of soap is displayed on a turn-plate after taken out of the hydraulic press

A Hello Kitty plush toy made of plastic goes under the hydraulic press in one of the clips

The company added that these videos have been hugely popular because people find them relaxing and satisfying – even liberating.

‘We live in a constant state of pressure every day, it’s hard to breathe sometimes,’ the spokesperson said. 

‘Perhaps there is a source of destructive range inside every one of us, where we just want to break stuff. These videos removes the sense of responsibility from the viewer.’

Various random objects have gone under OMGooseTW’s hydraulic press, including pearl earrings, a strawberry cake, fruit-shaped soap, a plastic robot and even a remote-controlled toy cockroach. 

Each video starts in a similar way: The ‘unsuspecting’ object is placed on the metal plate, then the mechanical cylinder is lowered onto the object, slowly crushing it.

The demolished object is then displayed on a turn-plate, all smashed into pieces. Classical tunes are used as background music for an unexpected soothing effect. 

Goodbye Hello Kitty: The crushed plastic toy is then displayed on a turn-plate in the video

Each video has gathered an average of 20,000 to 50,000 views. A clip documenting a plastic Hello Kitty plush toy being crushed received 130,000 clicks while the demolition of a jar of rose deodoriser beads got 73,000 views.

‘These videos are so popular because the person watching it could not do it at home,’ OMGooseTW said.

The company also said that due to its smaller compression force, they tend to chose plastic objects. But it has plans to acquire a stronger machine.

‘Trendy’ objects are also selected to go under the machine, such as a plush toy of Gudetama, a lazy egg yolk cartoon character, as well as a Thanos Lego figurine, the newest character to appear in the latest ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movie released in theaters on Friday. 

A crepe cake being smashed by the hydraulic press in OMGoose’s video. 

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