Michigan man secretly recorded raping child by wife pleads guilty

A former foster parent in Michigan whose wife secretly recorded him sexually assaulting a child has pleaded guilty to rape, according to a report.

Mark Andrew Sorenson, 61, will be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct of a victim under the age of 13, MLive.com reports.

Sorenson and his wife, Stacy, previously served as foster care providers and court-appointed special advocates for juvenile victims of abuse and neglect — making them required to report abuse, court documents show.

Stacy Sorenson, 51, reported her husband to the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office in April after an app on her phone alerted her to movement detected by a security camera mounted in their bedroom, according to a Child Protective Service petition filed last year. She watched on her phone as the rape occurred via live stream through the app.

The following day, she took the footage to police, leading to Mark Sorenson’s immediate arrest, authorities said.

However, Stacy Sorenson was also convicted by a jury of felony tampering with evidence and failure to report abuse after she watched a live stream of her husband engaging in sexual activity with the same child some 10 days earlier — and did nothing.

“She closed the program on her phone and continued her day at work,” prosecutors wrote in court documents.

According to the Child Protective Service petition, the camera did not record the first time, which prompted her to add a memory card to the camera so it could save any future recordings, MLive.com reports.

She “confronted” her husband later that day and he denied wrongdoing, the petition states.

Stacy Sorenson was sentenced to a year in jail in January.

Muskegon County Assistant Prosecutor Heather Bloomquist said Stacy Sorenson left the victim “alone” in the couple’s home for 11 days and did nothing to prevent any further assaults.

“The defendant admitted herself that she used this child as bait to try to catch her husband in this act, and she said that on the stand,” Bloomquist said during Stacy Sorenson’s sentencing.

An attorney for Stacy Sorenson denied using the child as bait. She has since filed for divorce from Mark Sorenson, MLive.com reports.

A judge has agreed to give Mark Sorenson — who faced up to life behind bars — a minimum sentence of 15 years when he’s sentenced on March 4, the website reports.

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