Mexico’s ‘most dangerous cartel’ behead 3 men like ISIS after ‘no violence’ plea

Hitmen from Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel have appeared in a shocking ISIS-style clip, beheading three rivals just days after they made a plea for violence to stop.

The thugs are reportedly members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), a criminal group led by Mexico's most wanted man Nemesio 'El Mencho' Cervantes.

Although they are renowned for their propensity towards extreme violence, the CJNG recently pleaded with their rivals for killings to be brought under control following a spree of innocent people meeting grisly ends.

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Unfortunately for the victims in this latest clip, they were members of Pájaros Sierra and thus not considered innocent, according to Borderland Beat.

Pájaros Sierra used to be an armed wing of the CJNG itself. The two groups splintered and have been at war with one another ever since.

The video shows the victims either kneeling or laying down while a CJNG hitman holds a seven-inch knife above their heads.

The first beheading starts around 13 seconds in. The two other captives can be heard sobbing as the other's head is hacked off.

The hitmen also threaten the rest of Pájaros Sierra with a chilling address at the start of the video.

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One says: "This will be the fate of every Pájaros Sierra b*tch. You sons of b*tches we’re coming after you."

As the first hitman manhandles his victim, the second adds: "We have your men here. Grab his hand from behind. No, no. Just pull him back with his hand.

"Pull him back with just his hand. Pull him back, pull him back for leverage.

"Show no fear on your way towards success. Ok, now place him right there. It’s best if you place the head next to his corpse so that it doesn’t roll away."

The first then declares: "We are the absolute four letters cartel."

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Mexican drug cartels mimicking Jihadi gore propaganda videos is not a new phenomenon.

The practice was popularised among drug traffickers by Los Zetas, a cartel which was formed by members of the US-trained Mexican Special Forces after they deserted their ranks.

According to Homeland Security Today, one of Los Zetas leaders – Iván Velázquez Caballero – earned himself the nickname 'El Talibano' (in reference to the Taliban) after carrying out similar executions.


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