Met Office’s prediction on whether heatwave returns as Europe sees 48C blast

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    Met Office weather forecasters have shared their prediction on whether Europe's extreme 48C heatwave will spread over to the UK.

    High temperatures have soared through the European mainland, leaving locals and holidaymakers fearful for their health in recent days.

    A weather forecaster has assured that similar highs are not inbound for the British Isles, reports Daily Express.

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    But it will mean the Britons who remain in the UK over the last two weeks of July are stuck with a colder summer.

    National temperatures will stay comparatively chilly, with conditions not expected to stabilise until August.

    Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said the UK is safe from the blistering heat on mainland Europe.

    He said: "There's nothing to suggest that [European heat will make its way to the UK]."

    He explained that a "blocked pattern" – high pressure over Europe and Africa – is driving the current "day-on-day heat".

    Mr Claydon added: "We've got a south-shifted Jet Stream that is bringing more unsettled weather to the UK."

    "It's essentially a flip from what we had in June – where we had the high pressure with settled weather and high temperatures – and the south and Mediterranean had stormy conditions.

    "We've got low pressure in charge, and they've got high pressure further south.

    "That's certainly remaining through the forecast period."

    The forecaster shared it would remain cool on average this week, with a showery and unsettled weekend ahead.

    He added: "Looking at the forecast further ahead, through the rest of the month, the signals show that a more unsettled nature is likely to stick around through the second half of July.

    "It's not really until a little bit into August that we might see more settled conditions becoming increasingly probable."

    He said that temperatures wouldn't recover to average for the time of year until the middle of August.

    And there is a "smaller chance" the country could see above-average temperatures, meaning that another heatwave is all but ruled out, even with August and September being traditionally hot months.

    It comes as the continues braces for its second extreme heat wave, putting people’s health at risk and setting the stage for wildfires.

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