Meghan’s ‘controlling’ gesture to ‘stiff’ Harry spotted by body language expert

Meghan Markle allegedly used a “controlling” gesture on Prince Harry while the pair were sat together at the UN, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the UN General Assembly in New York together yesterday (July 18) to give a keynote speech marking Nelson Mandela International Day.

Covering topics from Russia ’s invasion of Ukraine to climate change, Harry has attracted criticism, with one royal commentator claiming that the public is “sick” of being told the world is falling apart.

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Now, body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas has examined footage of Meghan and Harry on the day, and claims to have spotted a moment of conflict between the couple.

Speaking in a video on his YouTube Channel, The Body Language Guy studied a clip of the Sussexes sitting together shortly before Harry made his speech, when Meghan reached for her husband’s arm.

“Meghan goes and grabs his hand, and you can confirm that Harry was still smiling at that moment,” he described.

“The moment she touches his hand, what happens with his expression? It changes completely looking the other way, like hiding his expression from Meghan.

“She grabs his hand in a controlling gesture, you can see that her hand is absolutely covering him, and he looks away and he lets go of it.

“He takes his hand away like, ‘don’t rub my hand’.”

In the clip, Meghan can then be seen to take Harry’s arm, cuddling it with both hands. Examining further, Jesus suggested Harry then began to look “nervous”.

“He is unusually stiff; look at his neck, it’s totally straight, it’s not moving that much,” he added.

The prince went on to deliver his speech soon after. Addressing important leaders, he told the crowd: “As we sit here today our world is on fire again.

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“The crisis will only get worse until our leaders lead.”

Harry also reflected on the time his late mother Princess Diana had spent with Mandela, and observed: “For me, there’s one photo of Mandela that stands out. On my wall and in my heart every day there us an image of Mandela and my mother meeting in Cape Town in 1997.

“When I first looked at the photo straight away what jumped out was the joy on my mother’s face, the playfulness, the cheekiness even.

“The pure delight to be in the communion of another soul so committed to helping humanity.”


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