Man’s jaw-dropping pub performance rivals Pavarotti and leaves drinkers stunned

A mystery man left regulars stunned when he performed an incredible Pavarotti -style opera in the middle of a pub.

Jaw-dropping footage of the man, who was wearing simply a pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt, has emerged of the moment he took to the stage and delivered an amazing – but unexpected – rendition of opera classic Nessun Dorma.

Shocked drinkers in the New Broadway pub, Liverpool, were so amazed they took their phones out to film the performance, cheering on the singing sensation as he finished the track, Liverpool Echo reports .

For two minutes the man sings his heart out on the pub’s karaoke machine.

At some points during the song, he grabs hold of the microphone and begins to wave one hand in the air to the crowd behind the camera.

He even gestures to someone off screen to come and join him as he performs.

Nessun Dorma, an aria from Puccini’s Turandot, is among the best-known arias in opera history.

The song became synonymous with the legendary tenor Pavarotti, whose iconic performance sound-tracked the 1990 World Cup.

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