Man’s big toe eaten by piranhas after going for a dip in infested river with son

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A gruesome video shows a man holding up his bleeding foot and an open wound where his big toe used to be after red-bellied piranhas attacked him in a river.

The man's toe became dinner to the carnivorous fish in the Paraná River in Argentina where it flows through the city of Coronda in Santa Fe.

In the clip, the man holds up his bloodied stump while another man films the injuries and shouts in what sounds like panic about the attack.

The injured dad had been trying to cool off during the sweltering Argentinian summer in December and went for a dip with his son in the river.

Unfortunately, they were set upon by a hungry shoal of piranhas that had moved into the shallow waters for the breeding season.

As can be seen in gory photographs, the dad had the tip bitten off his big toe and his son had a chunk torn from the heel of his foot, both leaving gaping wounds.

Witnesses said the attack took place as soon as the pair entered the water and they had to run back out immediately.

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They received first aid from lifeguards and were then taken to a medical centre.

Piranha attacks occur during hot weather when the fish reproduce, according to local media.

The same location saw a spate of red-bellied piranha attacks over two consecutive days around a month ago, which saw 70 people injured by the sharp-toothed fish including children who lost parts of their fingers and toes.

The red-bellied piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri) is a widespread freshwater fish that is native to South America.

It can reach up to a whopping 20 inches in length but rarely gets larger than 14 inches.

It mainly feeds on plants and insects, but it is a known carnivore and sometimes eats animals as large as wading birds or capybara when feeding in large numbers.

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