Man yells ‘it’s trying to bite my a***’ as swan attacks him for rescuing bird

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This is the moment a brave fisherman was attacked by a protective swan as he tried to rescue a stricken bird.

The bizarre scenes took place around 8am yesterday (July 14) in Taylor Park in Merseyside.

Footage shows the fisherman desperately trying to free a cygnet that appeared to have been snagged on his line.

But a larger swan, believed to be the parent, charges at him before biting him.

The Liverpool Echo report the man could be heard saying: “It’s trying to bite my a***”.

He then told those watching: “It’s not the hook, just the line wrapped around it.”

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The swan was later cut free and swam away.

Gary Lord, 64, from Rainhill spotted the wild scenes during his morning walk said it was “a bit of an Attenborough moment”.

He told the Echo: “There were about three or four fishermen all set up and one of them was wading out. He waded out and tried to untangle the swan but was attacked.

“It was a brown swan and it's parents were quite agitated because this guy was trying to do his best to untangle it.

“When I first saw it I thought what's going on here. It was a bit of an Attenborough moment.

"It kept on attacking him, flailing its wings and biting him but he stood firm and did really well. I think it was quite courageous of the man and it was really good to see those two parents protecting their own."

One of the bystanders called the RSPCA for assistance but the man managed to save the trapped swan before they were needed.

Gary called the fisherman “brave” for his actions.

It is often claimed that swans are so powerful they can break your arm with their wings.

But, according to John Huston of the Abbostury Swannery in Dorset, this is just a “myth”.

He said they often get aggressive if you approach a swan nest on the river but the most you’ll get is a few bruises.

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