Man suffocates to death after getting stuck in window of home he was ‘robbing’

A man died of asphyxiation after he remained stuck for three hours between the window frames of a house he was reportedly trying to rob.

The incident took place in late June in Llavallol, a district of Lomas de Zamora Partido in the Argentinian province of Buenos Aires.

Relatives of the alleged burglar, named Luciano Verón, claimed they tried to help him to no avail.

The distraught mother of the 29-year-old claimed this tragic outcome could have been avoided, but the man was “left to die” with no one to step up to assist him.

She told local news outlet Inforbano: “They left him to die, they didn’t help him and now he’s dead.”

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A daughter of the woman also claimed Mr Verón’s relatives eventually resorted to breaking “some things” in an attempt to help him.

She alleged: “He was hanging from 7 to 10 in the morning, and we got desperate and broke some things. But it was out of desperation to see him hanging there.”

Local media reported police and firefighters headed to the scene of the incident, and later confirmed the man’s death.

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The woman inside the property had fled her home after gathering some valuables as the incident was unfolding.

She had reportedly been threatened by the man’s relatives who allegedly told her they were going to set her home on fire.

A neighbour claimed to Diario Conurbano: “They threatened her and told her that they were going to set her house on fire. So the woman took everything she could and left.”

Mr Verón’s relatives said the man had previously served time behind bars for robbery and struggled with drug addiction.

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The mother said: “He was in prison, I curse the time the judge let him out for good behaviour, I would have preferred him to be in prison and not end up like this.

Blaming the use of illegal substances, she added drugs had “led him to this”.

Mr Verón leaves behind a 10-year-old girl. Her grandmother said she didn’t know how she would tell her about the death of her father.

Urging people to stop spreading what she called “lies and ugly things” about her son in the media and social media, the grieving mother said: “How do I explain this to [the child]?”

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