Man punches nurse in face after she vaccinates wife ‘without his authorisation’

A nurse has been savagely assaulted by a man who claimed his wife had been vaccinated “without his authorisation”.

Canadian Police spokesman Martin Carrier told CNN that the nurse, who works at a pharmacy in Sherbrooke, Quebec, had been “seriously injured” in the attack.

An ambulance was called to take the victim, who is in her forties, to hospital. She was treated for “multiple injuries to the face” and a possible concussion.

The pharmacy has suspended its vaccination program for the time being, and police are hunting the “French-speaking” man who is described as being aged between 30-45.

The suspect has short dark hair, dark eyes, thick eyebrows and a tattoo of a cross on his hand. He was also wearing earrings.

Mr Carrier said the man had stormed into the pharmacy early on Monday morning.

“Right at the beginning, the suspect was very angry, very aggressive, he asked the nurse why she vaccinated his wife without approval, without his consent,” he said.

“And he punched her right in the face multiple times so the nurse didn’t have the time to defend or explain herself … and she fell to the ground and the suspect left running out of the drugstore.”

Benoit Morin, president of a Canadian pharmacists association, told CBC that he couldn’t comprehend the violent assault, pointing out that consent was only required from the individual receiving the vaccination

“When we have discussions with customers, I mean it’s one-on-one with the patient,” he said.

“We don’t need the family approval, so I don’t know what happened, or where this thing comes from.”

Earlier this month, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was struck with what appeared to be a hail of small stones thrown by anti-vaccine demonstrators.

Trudeau has been critical of his opponent, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who he described as pandering to “angry mobs” of anti-vaxxers.

Almost 80% of over-12s in Canada have now been fully-vaccinated, and while there was some degree of vaccine-hesitancy had been reported earlier in the year, the proportion of Canadians resisting the jabs seems to be on the decline.

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