Man offering £4,000 Afghanistan holidays despite UK Government’s Taliban warning

A man is charging £4,000 for holidays to Afghanistan where visitors can tour the streets of the country.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office completely advise against all travel to the country, with their website clearly stating: “You should not travel to Afghanistan.”

Joe Sheffer, a cameraman from London, has gone against the advice of the Foreign Office and has set up a company offering holiday tours of the country.

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For a sum of £4,000, holidaymakers can take an eight day journey through Afghanistan starting in Kabul to Kandahar.

The website for Safarat, the company set up by Sheffer, details a brief itinerary in which visitors are taken through bird markets, national parks and villages taken over by the Taliban.

However, another section on the website shows there are some risks that come with travelling to the war-torn country. The safety section suggests there are some things to consider.

It states: “There is no hiding from the fact that that travelling in Afghanistan is fundamentally more risky than travelling to the Costa Del Sol. By coming on a journey with us, you accept an element of risk in return for travelling in a country which is as enchanting, beautiful and fascinating as it is troubled.”

This section also details that travellers may be faced with several checkpoints and searches through their time in the country.

"Significantly, low level corruption and intimidation at checkpoints has largely evaporated. This makes it considerably more difficult for criminals or terrorists to move around easily by paying cheap bribes," it reads.

"The Taliban are a heavy presence in all cities and are found dotted around at dozens of checkpoints on the main roads, which were formerly held by national army or police."

Sheffer and a colleague took their first group out in October with success.

Sheffer is hoping that the next tour will be much bigger, with LADBible reporting that his next tour, which starts in a few weeks, will include “a mix of people, some for whom it's a bucket list item, others have been engaged with Afghanistan for a while.”

Having worked in the country for a while, Sheffer maintains that the risk is worth the reward, with the next tour visiting Kandahar and Helmand, Taliban-controlled land around the southern parts of Afghanistan.

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