Macron’s ex-No. 2 spent public funds on gold hairdryer: reports

French President Emmanuel Macron is taking heat over a hairdryer of gold.

Macron, who presided over France’s Bastille Day parade Saturday in Paris, is facing fallout from the lavish spending of his environment minister, Francois de Rugy, 45, according to a report.

The Sunday Times of London reported that de Rugy, formally the second most senior member of the government, and his wife, Severine Servat, a gossip journalist dubbed Lady Gala, spent $563 of public money on a Dyson hairdryer coated with gold leaf.

On top of that, the couple blew big bucks on lavish parties, including giant lobsters and $500 bottles of wine, a weekend apartment and $866 for an exercise bike, according to reports.

De Rugy has denied all wrongdoing, claiming he was the victim of a “grotesque” smear campaign, and did a TV interview in which he declared himself “furious with all these lies.”

Macron hasn’t weighed in yet but is said to be standing by his minister.

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