Lucky bloke scoops £800k on lottery after stranger cuts in front of him in queue

A lucky lottery ticketholder secured a £800,000 payout thanks to a rude stranger cutting the queue.

Munoz Espinoza, 43, from Florida decided to buy a lottery ticket after a day at work, but before he could purchase the ticket, someone cut in front of him to also buy a ticket.

Munoz decided to let it go and not confront the customer at Publix Super Market in Delray Beach, receiving instant karma.

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When Munoz finally purchased the ticket, he found that he had won $1,000,000, equating to about £800,000 after tax.

The rude stranger that cut in front of him had bought what would have been Munoz’s losing ticket, accidentally giving the man the opportunity to win big.

The ticket was part of the ‘500X The Cash’ game where participants can win a jackpot of up to $25million.

According to reports by the New York Post, Munoz travelled to the Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee to verify his big win.

The headquarters confirmed that Munoz had indeed won £800k.

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Now the millionaire plans to use his new funds to buy a new family home.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that lottery winners have one on a sheer fluke.

Over the pond in the UK, a 65-year-old man won £500,000 on the lottery after switching shifts at work.

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Jeff Etherington from Essex swapped shifts with a colleague earlier this month so that he could attend a hospital appointment.

While out Jeff decided to buy what he later found out was a winning lottery ticket at Sainsbury’s in Harlow.

Etherington plans to continue working in his job that helped make it all happen.

But the Brit says he will use his newfound winnings to tie the knot with his long term partner, Kim, go on holiday, and save for retirement.

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