Looters steal designer bags from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco

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Looters ransacked a San Francisco Neiman Marcus — making off with a number of high-end bags from the store amid the surging shoplifting trend that has plagued businesses in the city, reports say.

Cops say at least nine people smashed the display cases, grabbed the bags and bolted out the front door before officers arrived around 6 p.m. Monday, according to Yahoo News.

Cellphone video captured the crew running out of the store with arms full of the stolen goods before jumping in a getaway car, Fox 2 reported.

Witnesses said the smash-and-grab unfolded just before the store was set to close for the night, according to the outlet.

The heist is the latest in a year-long trend of increased store thefts in the city.

Walgreens has shuttered 17 stores over the past five years and Target recently announced it would limit its stores’ business hours due to the uptick in larcenies, according to reports.

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