How lonely weirdos who can't find girlfriends formed the vile 'Incel Rebellion' group urging violence against women and inspiring the Toronto van rampage

Also known as “involuntary celibates”, the twisted group is made of mostly teenage men who claim they cannot form romantic relationships – and has hit the headlines following the purportedly incel-linked van rampage in Canada.

In a chilling Facebook post,  Alek Minassian – who man accused of killing 10 people in the Toronto van rampage last week – said an “Incel Rebellion has begun.”

He also praised Elliot Rodger, the so-called 'virgin killer' who murdered seven people in 2014 before taking his own life.

Rodger's spree killing was designed to 'punish' women he felt had sexually rejected him, as well as the sexually active young men he envied.

The mentally ill killer has since become something of a poster boy for 'incels', who refer to him as ER in posts praising him.

As well as hero-worshipping Rodger, some of these warped young men blame women for rejecting them in favour of “genetically superior” males they call “Chads.”

Speaking exclusively with The Sun Online, one of the 'incel' community’s most prominent members admitted that a “vocal minority” are now celebrating the Toronto van attack that left eight women and two men dead.

Jack Peterson, who works as a moderator on an 'incel' discussion forum and also has a podcast about the community, claims talk of violence or discussing illegal activity is 100% against the rules” of his website.

Yet some members of the forum are openly calling for more attacks.

This forum user wrote he wants to see mass acid attacks in the aftermath of the Toronto massacre

Why do Incels admire Elliot Rodgers?

  • Elliot Rodgers, referred to in the Incel community simply as 'ER', was a woman-hating virgin who killed six people, before committing suicide, in Santa Barbara, California, in 2014.
  • While there is no evidence that the 22-year-old was a member of any incel online forums, he left a chilling 140-page manifesto explaining how he wanted to take revenge against all the girls who had rejected him.
  • In his Facebook post, Toronto killer Minassian praised fellow murderer Elliot Rodgers as a 'Supreme Gentlemen.'

He said: “If I see anyone talking like that in the chat rooms, probably first I’ll give them a warning to tell them to stop, and then if they continue I'll remove them from the chat.”

But despite Jack’s claim that the site is moderated to stop such dangerous talk, a scan of the forum’s chat rooms shows that misogyny and violence are a regular fixture on the site.

Users with avatars featuring serial killer Ted Bundy, Nazi doctor Josef Mengele and woman-hating murderer Elliot Rodgers spew out sickening bile.

Following the Toronto attack, one person with the username BikPillPres wrote: “Killing normies from my perspective is kinda pointless but this is still good.

“I prefer mass acid attacks to mass killings though.”

On March 27, before the attack, the same user said he wanted to see “mass food poisoning deaths” a “pipe bomb” attack or a “truck” assault at a “school parade.”

On April, 8, another user wrote: “Someone needs to get some acid, hook it up to a sprinkler and just spray concerts, festivals etc.”

What are Chads and Stacies?

  • The incel community has its own distinct lingo which helps define their warped world view.
  • According to member Jack Peterson, a Chad is a “male who is genetically superior, who has a strong jaw line, is tall with a low square hair line and has nice teeth.”
  • A Stacey is a female with an “hour-glass figure with big breasts” who is attracted to Chads.
  • He says these archetypes are re-inforced in "nearly all Hollywood movies."
  • Black pill: This refers to incels believing the “true nature of reality” is that they are destined to be bottom of the genetic pile.
  • Normies: Incels refer to people who are able to maintain normal sexual relationships as 'normies'

Numerous posts on the forum also praise the "Incel Rebellion" and "uprising" calling for more assault like the one in Toronto..

Jack claims that the “toxic minority has gotten louder” since the attack but this element is not represent the vast majority of the community.

When asked if he would class this vocal section of the forum “radical” he said: “I think that is too extreme. I would class them as lost and stupid, and misguided.”

A large portion of the posters in the incel community are teenage boys – who suffer from depression and social anxiety.

Almost all complain of being victims of relentless bullying at school and openly discuss suicide with fellow users.

Such forums have ostensibly been set-up as support groups – but inevitably become negative echo chambers.

The most well known forum was the sub-Reddit “/r/incels” which was banned last year after a petition highlighting some of its users inciting violence against woman.

Jack describes some of the vocal members of his forum as 16-year-olds who are “shy, meek guys who just say these dark things.

“But just hearing their voice you know it’s not something they believe.

“A lot of them are doing this for attention.”

He told The Sun Online that traffic to the forum after the Toronto van attack “went through the roof” adding “we saw thousands guests, which may not sound big, but it was big numbers for us.
Jack says there has says there has been a "big mix of negative emotion" to the massacre including “disappointment, first because people died" but also a fear of Incels being "misrepresented."


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