Lily James and Matt Smith split for good after failed attempt to rekindle romance

LILY JAMES and MATT SMITH’s relationship is the latest thing to go wrong in 2020 – the pair have called things off for good.

The couple had tried to rekindle their romance in lockdown following their split last year, but I can reveal they have sadly now parted ways once again.

The Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again actress has told friends they have now decided to stay just friends after months of struggling to make things work.

And Lily is determined to avoid the trappings of showbiz by next dating someone outside the ­industry.

A pal said: “Lily and Matt were a picture-perfect couple for years but there are just some differences they haven’t been able to get past.

“They have gone back and forth this year trying to sort things out between them because they both have so much love for each other.

“But unfortunately it just isn’t working and they have mutually decided to just close this chapter of their lives.

“They adore each other and want to stay friends but as far as their romance goes, she has told ­everyone it’s over for good.

“Now Lily just wants to find a normal guy who’s not in the spotlight because she found it quite tough being with another celebrity.”

The couple first met on the set of Brit flick Pride And Prejudice And Zombies in 2014 and started dating soon ­afterwards.

World of pain

They are thought to have split in December but got back together in the spring.

Lily was photographed with ­Avengers star Chris Evans in July but had tried to get things back on track again with Doctor Who actor Matt afterwards.

I, for one, am sad to see them part ways as they were one of the classiest couples in London. But given their soaring profiles, I’m sure neither will be short on offers of dates.

I also doubt Lily will ever speak publicly about the split, given she has previously vowed to avoid opening up about who she is dating.

Speaking in 2015, she said: “In regards to your love life, you’re just entering into a whole (world) of pain if you talk about it. If you’ve never said ­anything, there are no soundbites to haunt you when you’re crying into a box of Kleenex after it all goes wrong.”

I just hope there weren’t too many tears this time around.


IT takes a lot of front to pull off a look like this but Kylie Jenner certainly can.

The reality star posed for this snap on her Instagram, which she captioned: “Felt cute.”

But her big sister, model Kendall, wasn’t ­feeling quite as cute in last night’s episode of ­Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which she flew off the handle at Kylie for wearing an outfit she wanted for herself.

In the clip, she fumed: “Kylie comes in and everyone bows down to Kylie and lets her wear whatever the f*** she wants.”

After Kylie accused her of trying to “ruin” her evening, Kendall shot back: “You ruined my f***ing night, so I can do whatever the f*** I want to.”

I can see why she always gets her way, though.

Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in this photo.


Sam Smith has sold millions of records since bursting on to the music scene in 2012, but the singer revealed that their first taste of stardom actually came years before – on a French campsite.

Recalling performances as a youngster, Sam said: “I actually won a talent show once.

“Have you ever heard of Canvas Camping in France?

“I won a talent show singing Heroes by Mariah Carey with no music.

“It was In front of all the British travellers out there.

“I think I won my mum free drinks at the bar.” But the three-time Brit Award winner isn’t convinced there was much talent to see on stage at the time.

Speaking on tonight’s Later With Jools Holland, on BBC2 at 10pm, Sam said: “I did my first gig in a pub-hotel.

“I wrote some songs on the piano and I had some guys from school and a harp player from school backing me.

“We’d go around and play open mic nights all around Hertfordshire, where I grew up, and we just kept doing that.

“We used to have a little amp that we would bring and just sing. It wasn’t very good at all.”


Katy Perry is back in pop-star mode six weeks after giving birth to her first child.

The Never Really Over singer wore this monochrome giraffe-print outfit as she returned to her day job on American Idol following the arrival of daughter Daisy Dove in August.

Speaking about getting back to work, she said: “It’s amazing. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and for this job, and to be able to continue to inspire other people to go after their dreams.

“I mean, my life just feels very full and whole. And you know, it’s hard a little bit – these first couple of days being away and not able to be there.”

Speaking about actor fiancé Orlando Bloom, she added: “But Daddy’s doing a great job. Daddy has stepped in.

“I’ve seen him with the bottle, I’ve seen all the pictures. It’s all good.”


Robbie Williams did ­live online broadcasts every day throughout lockdown but has since taken a self-enforced break from social media because it was ­bringing him down.

He explained: “I took a rest from all social media and (looking at it) because it was taking over my life.

“I decided to lose my ­passwords for everything and it did me the world of good, I’ll be honest with you.

“I’m too sensitive for all of this. I haven’t got enough hard skin or bandwidth to combat the negativity.”

Where did he choose to say this? On Instagram Live, of course. It can’t be bringing him down too much then.


WES NELSON is set to crack the Top 40 today with debut single See Nobody. The former Love Island star, who launched the tune with an interview in this ­column last month, was at No24 last night.


Macaulay Culkin isn’t doing much to stay under the radar with this mask.

The Home Alone actor had his character Kevin McAllister’s famous screaming face, inset, printed on it, so there will be no mistaking whether it’s really him while out and about.

Mac, who played the cunning youngster in the original film in 1990 and follow-up Home Alone 2: Lost In New York in 1992, joked on Instagram: “Just staying Covid-safe by wearing the flayed skin of my younger self.

“Don’t forget to wear your masks, kids.”


YUNGBLUD has today released new tune Cotton Candy, all about “sexual liberation”. He said: “Sex and ­sexuality is about freedom and the idea you can lose yourself  . . . to figure out who you truly are.”


AT the height of their fame in the Eighties and Nineties, Motley Crue were known as some of the most hardcore rockers in the industry.

And their drummer Tommy Lee has admitted he thinks the band would have been locked up if social media had existed back then.

In an exclusive interview ahead of the release of his new album, Andro, next Friday, Tommy said: “We got away with f***ing murder. This is pre-cell phones.

“The s**t that we pulled off on tour buses, airplanes, in hotel rooms . . . 

“If there were phones around, we’d be long in jail and in a s**t-load of trouble. We really got away with murder.”

Tommy is no stranger to social media and is just shy of having one million followers on TikTok. But while it’s helped his career in many ways, Tommy said it has its downfalls.

He explained of being online to promote his solo work: “It’s cool but there’s pros and cons to all this s**t.

“It’s a great place to get information from your fans to see what they like, what they don’t like.

“But it’s also a place where f**ing jrk-offs can be like, ‘Oh, it doesn’t sound like Mötley Crüe!’

“It’s not Mötley Crüe, you f***ing moron!

“There’s nobody else from Mötley anywhere near this project!
“It’s a double-edged sword.

“In this day and age though, I guess it’s a necessary evil.”

I can’t help but agree.


JAMIE CULLUM will release his first festive album, The Pianoman At Christmas, on November 20, featuring ten original songs recorded at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios. He announced: “I hope the care, attention to detail and sheer joy we put into this record will bring a little magic this Christmas.”

SISTER Act fans could soon see Whoopi Goldberg back in the habit as she is working on a third film in the series, 28 years after the original was released. She said she is “working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together” and added of the sequel: “It’s a really fun movie. It’s fun and it feels good.”

LITTLE MIX have made a thinly veiled dig at old boss Simon Cowell on their new tune Not A Pop Song, out today. Following their decision to leave his record label two years ago, they sing on the track, “I don’t do what Simon says,” before adding: “Said to follow any dream, be a puppet on a string. Works for you but that isn’t me.”

LIZ HURLEY was left shaken not stirred after meeting 007. Asked if she has ever been starstruck, she said: “My most embarrassing moment was ­probably with Sean Connery. I completely lost my cool. All I could blurt out was, ‘You’re really tall and you really do have a Scottish accent’. I had to run and hide.”

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