Would-be Labour MP faces the sack after claiming the murder of Jo Cox and the Manchester Arena bombing were both set-ups

Mandy Richards, who was provisionally selected to fight the Tory-held marginal seat of Worcester, has tweeted a number of conspiracy theories about terror attacks and celebrity deaths.

She has also been exposed as a fantasist placed under 14 civil restraint orders by the courts, who is banned from bringing further legal actions without a judge’s permission after a series of false claims.

But Ms Richards is now set to be dumped by the party as their candidate at the next election after failing to disclose her legal issues before trying to stand for Parliament.

The Jeremy Corbyn supporter has posted sceptically about the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, saying it was “bereft of evidence”.

That was on a caption to a video she shared from a conspiracy theorist about the Westminster terror attack.

She also tweeted last year: "Can news agencies, police or anyone else for that matter explain why still no images/footage of physical damage at the Manchester Arena?"

As well as suggesting a terror attack in Sweden in 2017 was “fake”, she also suggested the Parsons Green terror attack wasn’t real.

Ms Richards posted on social media that the death of Sister Sledge singer Joni Sledge was not down to “natural causes” as officially ruled.

And she claimed people were murdered to cover up the Jimmy Savile scandal, tweeting: “Key journalists and witnesses in UK CSA [child sex abuse] scandal investigation disappearing before inquiry tackles critical cases.”

She also posted bizarre messages suggesting the film Inception was an "interesting commentary on military use of dream manipulation to cultivate killer soldiers".

Labour figures reacted with anger that she had been selected by her local Labour branch, with MP John Woodcock saying:  “We would be outraged if any other party picked a candidate who said this about the murder of our friend.

“We should care even more about getting our own house in order.”

And Michael Foster, who used to be the MP for the seat Ms Richards is challenging, tweeted: “Will someone from @UKLabour please put a stop to this.”

But a Labour source said applicants are supposed to “disclose anything in their background, personal, political or financial, past or present, which could have any potential to embarrass either themselves or the Party in the media – or bring the Party into disrepute in any way”.

They said Ms Richards had chosen not to tell the party about her pas legal troubles, which could see her bid to become the official candidate scuppered.

The source added that all parliamentary candidates selected locally “are subject to endorsement by Labour’s National Executive Committee”, heavily hinting she will not be confirmed.

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