Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko admits Russian troops have ‘encircled’ city but vows to fight

Kyiv's Foreign Minister in humiliating swipe at Russia

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The city is a key strategic target for Vladimir Putin, in his quest to topple the democratically elected government of President Volodymr Zelenskiy. Residents have had to endure a ferocious bombardment from Russian missiles and bombs throughout the past four days. The Ukrainian army has successfully repelled repeated attempts to infiltrate the city by Russian troops.

However, the capital now appears to be completely sealed off by the enemy, making it impossible to evacuate civilians.

Vitaly Klitschko, the city’s mayor, confirmed the fact in an interview with the Associated Press on Sunday.

The former world heavyweight champion was asked whether there were plans in place to evacuate the city if Russian troops managed to take it.

He replied: “We can’t do that, because all ways are blocked.

“Right now we are encircled.”

Mr Klitschko said that food and medical supplies were running out, due to logistical difficulties in supplying the capital.

He said: “We are at the border of a humanitarian catastrophe.

“Right now, we have electricity, right now we have water and heating in our houses.

“But the infrastructure is destroyed to deliver the food and medication.”

Despite the challenges facing the city, the former boxing champ is in no mood to throw in the towel.

He defiantly said: “That’s why the message for everyone is: Support Ukraine together … We are strong.

“Every Ukrainian is proud to be independent, proud to be Ukrainian, and we are proud to have our own country.”

Mr Klitschko confirmed that in Kyiv nine civilians, including one child, had been killed so far.

Despite claims they are targeting military sites with precision weapons, evidence is growing that the Russians are now hitting residential areas with indiscriminate bombings.

Today in Kharkiv, an unexploded Grad rocket was found in a kindergarten.

The Russian tactics have elicited a furious response from human rights’ organisations, who have issued “The Kyiv Declaration”.


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Oleksandr Pavlichenko, the Executive Director of Ukrainian Helsinki Group for Human Rights, said: “Vladimir Putin and his henchmen believe they are above the law, that they can get away with this bloodshed because the world needs their gas and oil.

“We must prove them wrong. We must expose the truth.

“We must hold them to account in a court of law.

“Our declaration calls for the documentation and prosecution of their war crimes – the slain civilians, murdered children, the bombing of peaceful cities.

“Vladimir Putin must answer.”

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