King Charles’ brutal joke to Princess Diana about newborn ‘spare’ son Harry

King Charles is said to have delivered a brutal jab at youngest son Prince Harry just moments after he was born, the Duke of Sussex has claimed.

His birth provided the former Prince of Wales an "heir and a spare", which Charles had joked about on the day Princess Diana delivered young Harry.

The Duke of Sussex has since claimed his father had joked about the status Prince Harry had in the Royal Family the same day he was born, cementing his status as a "spare".

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Harry's memoir, Spare, is set for release on Tuesday (January 10), and alludes to the "spare" phrase in its title.

Referring to Harry "spare" appears to have been a jab at him in the early years, with the youngster already perceived as a back-up to heir-to-be Prince William.

Harry appeared to "resent" the titling of himself as a spare to that of his older brother, with an extract from the book seeing the Duke of Sussex recalling his relationship with the nickname.

Prince Harry recounted a story of his father King Charles, who had supposedly said to Princess Diana that she had given him an "heir and a spare" and that his work is "done".

Harry's dad reportedly said to Diana: "Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare – my work is done."

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Such a claim comes as Prince Harry makes a series of damning allegations against the Royal Family, including that of Prince William and Kate Middleton encouraging a 20-year-old Harry to don a Nazi costume for a Halloween party.

Daily Star previously reported the allegations, with the Duke alleging that the Prince and Princess of Wales were "howling" at the costume.

It comes amid a slate of allegations levelled at the family, including one where Prince Harry claims to have been "attacked" by brother Prince William over a fallout stemming from Meghan Markle.

William is said to have "ripped the necklace" of Prince Harry amid their alleged altercation, Daily Star reported.

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