Killer blasts Instagram model in face as she gets into taxi after party

An Instagram model was shot in the face after leaving a party in a brutal murder.

Raila Sales Ferreira, 20, was pronounced dead in hospital on Monday, August 23, after being targeted in the city of Manaus, Brazil.

The unidentified assailant shot her just moments after she got into a taxi five days earlier.

Disturbing photos show the vehicle’s window completely shattered.

Emergency services raced to the scene and found the model was still alive, despite her horrific injuries.

She was taken to the intensive care unit of the Joao Lucio Hospital and Emergency Room, where she spent five days fighting for her life before succumbing to her injuries at midday yesterday.

The post-mortem on Raila's body gave her cause of death as cerebral oedema [excess accumulation of fluid in the brain], cranial haemorrhage and cranial trauma caused by the gunshot.

The police have registered the case as a homicide and are currently investigating.

At the time of reporting, the identity of the suspect and the motive for the crime were unknown.

Earlier this month, three prisoners in Brazil allegedly killed a fellow inmate by stabbing him in the neck and cutting his heart out with a sharpened toothbrush before hacking off his penis and stuffing it in his mouth.

Convicted paedo Alex Sandro de Souze Mota, 30, was found dead by prison guards on the floor of his cell.

The corpse was discovered at Peco prison in the city of Cruzeiro do Oeste in the Brazilian state of Parana on Wednesday, August 18.

Mota, who was serving time for raping his five-year-old stepdaughter, died as a result of a blow to the neck carried out by an unidentified inmate, according to news site Ndmais.

Police believe three inmates, identified only as L.B.R., K.R.I. and J.M.S.C., were responsible for the killing.

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