Kelowna fire crews extinguish boat fire near Hotel Eldorado

Firefighters were summoned to a boat fire near the Hotel Eldorado on Saturday afternoon.

The boat, which was tied to a dock at a boat lunch close to the hotel, went up in flames, billowing black smoke. Fire crews quickly arrived on scene and extinguished the fire, noting no gasoline leaked into Okanagan Lake.

Smoke from the boat fire could be seen blocks away.

Kelowna Fire Department Capt. Corrie Lang said they received “reports of a fully involved boat on fire. We weren’t sure if it was in the dock area or right here, so that’s why we have the extra units.

A closer look at the boat and its location after the fire was extinguished.

“Lucky for us, it was on the water. A single boat. Apparently, it was started up and it kind of backfired on him and it burst into flames. No one’s hurt, everyone’s out safe.”

Lang said crews did a good job of knocking the blaze down quickly, and that they “were lucky, as it wasn’t really impinging on the dock.”

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