Karina Smirnoff & More Celebs Get Behind Docademic: A Medical App Changing The World

Need a doctor? Get on board with Docademic, the new cryptocurrency funded medical app Karina Smirnoff and others are convinced can change the world. Check it out!

There is a new way to talk to a doctor when you are in need of care and best of all, basic healthcare can now be free. The app is called Docademic, you can download it on your smartphone, and celebs like Karina Smirnoff, are already getting on board with the medical token currency technology which has potential to revolutionize the way people live.

The helpful new app, Docademic, is a telemedicine app funded by Cryptocurrency. Docademic is a company founded in Mexico by former Med Students who created a method of offering free basic medical healthservices to the public. What an amazing concept!

Other celebrities that are giving the app a try include Edi Gathegi, who is also working on, Start Up, a new show about Cryptocurrency.  Jimmy Jean Louis, Kelly Jakel, Shannon K, Sarodj Bertin and Ruth Connell are all also helping to get the word out about the new app which will be life-saving . Patients who may never have had access to the most simple needs, may now speak directly to a doctor thanks to Docademic. Here is the kicker, Docademic uses your health record to better serve your needs. Their website explains, “by adding your national ID information you will have access to more free medical assistances. By updating your health record we can give you better, more personalized assistance.” Wow, that is great!

It is as simple as downloading the Docademic app, filling out a simple registration form and then boom, you press a button and a patient can receive advice from a doctor anytime, face to face for free. Amazing!

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