Kamala Harris savaged for ‘tone deaf’ Tweet as hundreds stranded – ‘America moving again’

Kamala Harris admits her ‘biggest failure’ as Vice President

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Kamala Harris praised Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan and said it was helping millions of Americans by rebuilding roads, bridges, funding new public transport links and addressing social inequalities. But the Vice-President was quickly derided on social media after people in Virginia were left stranded on one of the largest highways in America, the I-95, for over 24-hours as a snowstorm prevented lorries and cars from moving. Some vehicles were abandoned and traffic trailed back 50-miles as 400,000 people were also left without power for their homes. 

Ms Harris tweeted on Tuesday: “Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, America is moving again. That’s what infrastructure is all about: getting people moving.”

But critics quickly pointed at the chaos in Virginia where hundreds of thousands of people were disrupted by snowstorms.

@ljmontello wrote: “Why, why oh why would anyone think this tweet is a good idea at the same time I-95 is trending for a 12 hour+ 30-50 mile standstill?

“Are you guys *trying* to write GOP midterm attack ads for them?”

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@Jaegervonkramer added: “Do you have anyone on staff that understands current events and context?”

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine commented on the snowstorm and tweeted: “I started my normal 2-hour drive to DC at 1pm yesterday. 19 hours later, I’m still not near the Capitol.

“My office is in touch with the Virginia Department of Transport to see how we can help other Virginians in this situation. Please stay safe everyone.”

The Fredericksburg area of the I-95 was eventually reopened after being closed for more than 24 hours.

Virginia: Hundreds stranded on snowy US highway

Vehicles were forced to burn fuel to keep warm meaning some could not move even when things began to ease up.

A foot of snow hit the area overnight Monday and also caused huge disruptions in other parts of the state.

Susan Phalen who was caught up in the delays for 15 hours told CNN: “I could have walked home faster than this, pretty much.”

Mr Biden’s $2trillion infrastructure bill includes a wide range of public spending on transport, education, medical services and investment in other sectors.

Details of the bill include $110 billion for roads and bridges reworks, $39billion on modernising public transport, $65billion on improving broadband supply and many more investment plans.


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The President has also been pushing for his Build Back Better framework which seeks to address social issues in America.

The framework will help parents with free preschool, child tax cuts, prescription drug costs and much more.

The bill passed in the House of Representatives but Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is refusing to back the move meaning it is currently in a stalemate.

Democrat moderates have voiced concerns that the bill will add to the US national debt with little return.

The bill was passed in the House of Representatives by 220-213.

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