Johnny Depp is sued by former bodyguards for underpaying them

Johnny Depp is sued by two former bodyguards who say they were overworked, underpaid, had to babysit his children and ‘wipe drugs off his face in a nightclub’

  • Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez worked for Johnny Depp until January 
  • They say they saw a ‘stark’ change in him in 2016 when he became embroiled in ‘personal turmoil’
  • That year, he fired the security agency which they worked for and hired them himself to ‘cut out the middle man’ 
  • As a result, the pair say they were never paid overtime or given lunch or rest breaks
  • They say Depp’s behavior became worse and they had to ‘protect him from his vices’ 
  • They claim they were ordered to care for his kids and ‘give in to their every whim’
  • They now are asking for all the overtime money they claim they were never paid 

Johnny Depp (pictured in November) has been sued by two of his former bodyguards 

Johnny Depp is being sued by two of his former bodyguards who claim he overworked and underpaid them over an ‘intolerable’ two year period when they say they had to act as his babysitter.

Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez filed a lawsuit against the actor in California on Tuesday. 

They allege that between April 2016 and January 2018, they were not paid overtime and were deprived food and rest breaks while looking after Depp and his family. 

The lawsuit contains explosive allegations including the claim that they once had to wipe drugs from Depp’s face in a nightclub to stop others around him seeing the substance. 

The men say that not only did they have to watch as Depp ‘spiralled’ into a ‘financial hurricane’, they also had to act as babysitters for his children. 

One claims that one of his major responsibilities was ensuring that one of the children (he did not say which) was looked after properly because they lived in an outhouse on Depp’s Los Angeles compound. 

They are asking for unspecified damages and compensation to make up for the money they say they are owed. 

Depp’s representatives did not immediately respond to on Tuesday afternoon.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is currently embroiled in separate legal spats of his own with his former management company. 

Last month, the second set of lawyers he hired to represent him fired him. 

The lawsuit, which obtained on Tuesday, describes how Sanchez and Arreola, a 38 year LAPD veteran, worked happily for Depp while employed by a security company which he had hired for years before the problems began. 

Arreola stared working for him in 2007 and became close with his mother Betty Sue Palmer, the lawsuit states. It is not clear how long Sanchez worked for him. 

‘[They] witnessed Depp becoming increasingly embroiled in personal turmoil and detached from the reality around him. 

The bodyguards said they were made to work round-the-clock, without food or rest breaks, at Depp’s home in the Hollywood Hills (Above) and would sometimes accompany him and his children out 

The bodyguards say they were told to give in to ‘every whim’ of Depp’s children, 16-year-old John (left in 2015) and Lily-Rose, 18, (right in February) 

‘In early 2016, [they] began to notice a stark change in Depp and the atmosphere in his Hollywood Hills compound. Depp began making sudden and drastic changes to his staff and management team, causing a significant financial crunch for everyone surround him except for Depp himself,’ the lawsuit reads.  

In April 2016, in the midst of his tumultuous marriage with Amber Heard, Depp fired Premier Group International, the company which employed both Sanchez and Arreola.

According to the bodyguards, he and his entourage decided they would ‘cut out the middle man’ and hire the security guards themselves to avoid paying an agency fee. 

One of the guards became close with the actor’s mother Betty Sue Palmer after protecting her for years and still visits her grave on her birthday, the lawsuit claims

They then took charge of the two guards’ pay checks and were irresponsible in keeping track of them, it is alleged. 

Not only did they have to start working ’12 hour days, sometimes back-to-back shifts’, the guards say their duties started to include safeguarding Depp and others around him who were ‘engaging in illegal activity’. 

‘[They] found themselves in situations that required more than what a bodyguard would be expected to do. 

‘[They] were constantly being used as drivers, driving back and forth at Depp’s or his family’s beckoning….[they] were asked repeatedly to drive vehicles that contained illegal substances, open containers and minors. 

‘They were asked to monitor unstable individuals in Depp’s life and entourage,’ the lawsuit says. 

Sanchez claims he was tasked, for a while, with looking after one of Depp’s two children. The lawsuit does not say which but the actor has two; 18-year-old Lily-Rose and 16-year-old John Depp III.

‘Sanchez, whose primary detail was the protection of Depp’s children, was more often than not the primary caretaker for Depp’s minor child who lived off of Depp’s compound in a separate home alone. 

‘Worse yet, Sanchez was told to give into every whim of Depp’s children and worried he would lose his job if he did not comply with their demands,’ the lawsuit reads. 

It also claims that they had to act as a caretaker for Depp whose struggles with drugs and alcohol have been well documented in the past.

‘Often times [they] were forced to protect Depp from himself and his vices while in public, becoming caretakers for him. 

‘An incident at a local nightclub involved [them] alerting Depp of illegal substances visible on his face and person while preventing onlookers from noticing his condition,’ it reads.  

One worrying anecdote involves Leonard Damian, Depp’s head of security who was put in charge of giving the men their checks and their schedules after their agency was fired. 

In early 2016, when Depp was married to Amber Heard, the guards said they saw him becoming ‘increasingly embroiled in turmoil and detached from reality’ 

The lawsuit claims that Damian once accidentally shot himself in the leg and that Sanchez had to care for him. 

‘While he was in the security control room located on Depp’s compound when his supervisor, Leonard Damian, Sanchez heard a gunshot. 

‘He looked to Damian who had taken his gun out of his holster for some unknown reason. Damian, shocked and confused, asked Sanchez “Are you hit? Are you hit?” 

‘Damian then frantically started looking for where the bullet from his gun had gone. 

‘Suddenly, Sanchez and Damian noticed the hole in Damian’s pants and the blood gushing from his leg. 

‘Unbelievably, while playing with his weapon in a small control room on Johnny Depp’s property, Leonard Damian, head of Depp’s security detail, shot himself in the leg. 

‘Although stunned to find himself in such an unsafe and life threatening situation at work, Sanchez had no choice but to rush Damian to the hospital in response to Damian’s demands,’ the suit reads. 

The men say they retired as a result of the ‘toxic’ and ‘dangerous’ work environment they were subjected to ‘despite the fact that they enjoyed many of the people they worked with and had no ill will toward Johnny Depp.’ 

Depp has been pictured with other security guards since Sanchez and Arreola left their jobs.

He is still embroiled in a year-long dispute with The Management Group which he is accusing of fraud, claiming that two managers who used to work with him mismanaged him and his money. 

The damage, he claims, totals $21million.

The bulk of it is over taxes which Depp claims brothers Joel and Robert Mandel paid late on his behalf while they represented him. 

The star’s financial woes have dominated stories about him for years and are coupled only with claims of his abusive behavior towards ex-wife Amber Heard. 

The pair finalized their divorce in January 2017.

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