Jimmy Kimmel fights back tears while slamming Texas leaders Cruz and Abbott: ‘Admit you made a mistake’

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Wednesday, host Jimmy Kimmel broke down while discussing the tragic shooting death of 19 children in Uvalde, TX. The loss of innocent lives was upsetting to Kimmel, but his focus was the response from Texas senator Ted Cruz and Texas governor Greg Abbott. Both politicians are against gun control legislation and in fact are slated to make a paid appearance at the upcoming National Rifle Association in Texas this very weekend.

“It's okay to admit you made a mistake,” Kimmel begged. “In fact, it's not just okay, it's necessary. To admit you made a mistake. When your mistake is killing the children in your state.”

Texas passed seven measures last year to make gun ownership easier and more accessible, while minimizing and removing restrictions and safety concerns. Now Kimmel wants them to act against the NRA lobbyists and consider common sense gun legislation.


“It takes a brave person to do something like that,” Kimmel implored. “And do I think these men are brave people? No, I don't. I don't. But man, I would love it if they surprised me. I would love it if any of these guys surprised me.”

While other late night hosts called for change in politics, Jimmy suggested replacing the politicians who refuse to change the status quo.

He said, “We need to make sure that we do everything we can to make sure that unless they do something drastic, let's make sure that not one of any of these politicians ever holds office again.”

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